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Must Have It – Psycho Pass Dominator

Must Have It – Psycho Pass Dominator


Finding things to write about wanting to buy can be tricky for me to do. I am an enthusiastic purchaser of merchandise, which for anyone who doesn’t get it means I’m terrible with money. Nothing I own drives this point home more than the fact I own a rather expensive Scissor Blade from Kill La Kill. Not that I regret it, I love that bloody stupid looking sword. But it does mean finding things to write about wanting can be difficult, because chances are I’ve already bought it. There’s one thing, though, that I could never justify to myself unless I won the lotto. The Dominator gun from Psycho-Pass.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Psycho-Pass is a 2012 anime that centres around a young police detective. The premise around the Dominator gun is that it is always connected to the A.I. running the city. This allows the gun itself to make the decision of when the detective should be allowed to shoot. It also decides whether the shot should be lethal or not, transforming into an opened form for a killing shot.

So the gun is pretty damn cool and the show is pretty damn great. So far it’s pretty okay to want this replica of the Dominator. Then we look a bit further, not only can the replica change between the two firing modes. It gets better than that, it also has over 100 different voice lines, all recorded by the same VA as in the show. Other features include various functionality with a smartphone app and over 200 LEDs. Just look at the thing in action and tell me you don’t want it.

Now we get to the sad bit, the reason why I will never own this replica. You can buy it in two varieties, the standard and the special edition. The Standard Edition will set you back a wallet-destroying $799. While the Special Edition, with a real wooden handle and metal emblem, sets you back $899. Oh and if you want the stand from that video for it, that’s another $99. Spare batteries are $20 and there’s also a carrying case for $120. All of that is before even considering the shipping to Ireland. Even with my spending habits, I could never justify buying one of these. But hey, if any millionaires are reading this, my birthday was last week. I’m just saying.