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Cosplay Closet – Sticking To Your Cosplay List

Cosplay Closet – Sticking To Your Cosplay List


Picking a new cosplay is surprisingly easy to do even when you already have an extensive list of them. What is not easy is sticking to a cosplay list and being realistic about it!

I completely understand the lure of a character design that calls to your heart and soul. I also understand that new shows are always coming out that they sometimes mess up any plans you had in mind for that convention in two weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made a cosplay in 3 hours before because I happened to have the fabric available and I loved the character (sure who hasn’t winged it once in a while?), but planning and cosplay seem to work a lot better for me than sudden cosplays. For one, I am less stressed and secondly it lets me take my time.


A good budget will either make or break a convention weekend. That being said, sticking to that budget is easier said than done.

I always include cosplay costs into the weekend’s budget. This allows me to not over-spend in such a short period of time. It also leaves me a bit of money to spend in the trade hall.

Cosplays and Events

Typically, when it comes to cosplays I plan them around the conventions I hope to go to.

There are certain questions that I have to take into consideration. Will I be going for a day or the whole weekend? Will I be there the whole day? Will I be going to evening events? The questions keep going.

Once I’ve organised my tickets and accommodation, then I start planning my cosplays. I choose my cosplays depending on the type of convention I am going to. For example, I would wear anime inspired cosplays and for the likes of DCC I would wear comic book inspired cosplays.

I know many who wouldn’t plan cosplays like that because it just doesn’t suit them. For me, however, this method works just fine.

I also like to have my cosplay/s done about 1 week before the convention. This gives me enough time to tweak and make small changes.

Weeding Out Cosplays

It’s so easy to compile a mile long cosplay list. Realistically, you know that you may only do a few of them. This is probably my least favourite part of deciding what cosplays I want to do; eliminating the ones I simply don’t have time for.

I know for a fact I don’t have the skills to make full body armour or the facilities to bring it to a con with me at the moment. The only thing I can think of is to remove that cosplay from the ‘To Do This Year’ list to the ‘Attempt In The Future’ list.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being overly ambitious. In fact, some of my best cosplays have come about because I did not restrict myself. However, stressing yourself out to the point that you are not having fun is not what cosplay is about. Cosplaying is costume play and the play aspect is something that a lot of people seem to lose sight of.

Just remember, you cosplay for yourself! Your enjoyment is important.