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7 Best Moments Of The Expanse Season 1

7 Best Moments Of The Expanse Season 1


Season 1 SPOILERS ahead!

The Expanse season 2 is finally upon us (THANK GOD!) and we can’t help but look back on some of the best moments of the series so far, the moments that hooked us and transformed us from regular viewers into crazed super fans.

Miller meets Julie Mao

It’s the climax of both of their stories – Julie’s ending and Miller’s chaotic middle. As a viewer you feel his loss, as though it’s all downhill for him from here on out. I predict Miller is going to engage in some hardcore self-destruction in season 2.

the expanse best moments

It broke my heart to see what became of Julie. All she wanted was to stop what she felt was injustice in the world and all it got her was a cold, lonely death on a shower floor.

Bye bye Shed

I was so surprised when the show killed off a central character so quickly (and for no reason, really) but I love it when a series dares to be brave like that. When I first saw Shed, I really thought he’d be part of the team longterm, but I guess it’s not the first time I’ve been wrong!

the expanse best moments

Plus who doesn’t love a bit of headless gore in space? There’s a fetish for everyone, lads!

The destruction of the Canterbury

This whole scene was so tense, I was on edge from the moment they detected the torpedoes until they finally hit the Cant. I had no idea how they would get out of the situation because I was convinced they were the ones getting hit. It was a total shock.

the expanse best moments

And that haunting “Jim… there’s something you should know” from Ade just as the Cant exploded left me reeling. Overall those few minutes were so emotional and I almost shed a tear for Ade and Jim’s destroyed future, even though I barely knew the characters yet. It’s one of these moments where you know you’re in it for the long haul.

The battle of the Donnager

When it comes to realistic sci fi battles, this is as good as it gets. Not only does the captain go down with her ship, there’s also an epic zero gravity battle with the crew of the Rocinante against invaders as they attempt to get in the Tachi ship and escape to fight another day.

the expanse best moments

This battle is seriously good TV.

Naming the Rocinante

This was a really lovely moment. It felt like the crew had finally gelled together. Christening the ship that was now their new home just made that moment so special in the series.

the expanse best moments

This is when I got peak Firefly vibes and it also made me a little emotional, so it has an honorary place in my heart.

Radiation sickness

I loved the entire finale. It was some of the best television I’ve watched in years! Miller and Holden – who had both just been exposed to dangerous radiation – had to make it back to the Roci before Naomi took off and left them behind to die. Needless to say, they cut it pretty close.

the expanse best moments

As this series dares to take risks, I really didn’t know what was going to happen to them. Those last few seconds where you’re not sure if they’ve made it on time, but then Amos rises out of the ship and says “You guys look like shit” in his wonderful deadpan voice – it’s pure gold. You may just take a second to punch the air and cheer.

Death in the arcade

This is possibly my favourite scene overall in terms of direction, acting and the brilliantly constructed feeling of anxiety and desperation. Miller and Holden hide from an officer and as bad luck would have it they were discovered. The two then had to kill the man as quietly as possible all while suffering from radiation poisoning.

The overhead shot of them lying exhausted on top of the dead body is just fantastic.

the expanse best moments

The Expanse season 2 is available on Netflix as of today (February 1st)! Start binging!

What do you think are the best moments of the series? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I’m not generally a fan of all the extra stuff they added into the show like the spy and the weird tension between the crew, but the Donkeyballs bit was deserving of a mention surely?

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