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Wreck It Ronnie – Cosplay Highlight

Wreck It Ronnie – Cosplay Highlight


Typically con season for me starts when the first convention of year runs. That convention is typically Akumakon and since that happened on the 21st to the 22nd of January then con season is upon us. With con season comes cosplays, plenty and plenty of cosplays.

Every single year I look at my cosplay plans and cross off any I don’t feel super enthusiatic about but I also think about all the fantastic cosplayers I’ve stumbled upon in the previous year. Thus ‘Cosplay Highlight’ was born. There are so many talented cosplayers out there both local and international so why not spread the love and showcase some of these amazing talents?

First up…

Wreck It Ronnie is an American cosplayer who first caught my eye with their Kuzco cosplay. Long story short after going through their online cosplay closet aka Facebook page they had a new fan. Not only are their cosplays great, but Wreck It Ronnie posts quite regularly and interacts with their followers. They genuinely seem to enjoy all the aspects of cosplay from beginning to end and that is always something great to see.

Check out some of my favourite Wreck It Ronnie cosplays below!

Are you a fan of Wreck It Ronnie? Who would you like to see on the next Cosplay Highlight? Let us know in the comments below!