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Whachu’ Doin This Week… Abel?

Whachu’ Doin This Week… Abel?


Hi there, it’s been a while. Greetings from Spain, as I’m back to the old motherland for Christmas and such.

I’m currently recovering from falling ill over the weekend. I also had an assignment due for this week and I spent an obscene amount of time fighting with code I had to write. To avoid obsessing I distracted myself by doing the stuff I’ve written about below.

What Are You Watching?

After being disappointed by this week’s Sherlock I decided to give Elementary a try. After noticing the first thee seasons were on Netflix Spain (and checking it had both English audio and subtitles because I try not to watch dubbed stuff) I decided to start watching it and I found it refreshing. I’m still on the fence when it comes to Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock, I had never heard him using his real accent and some of his mannerisms are a bit strange.

I love Lucy Liu as Watson though. I was afraid that this show would have one of those “unresolved sexual tension” subplots and I’m glad it isn’t the case.


I’ve also been rewatching Twin Peaks because a couple of years ago I got the whole series in blu-ray as a Christmas present, and since it’s coming back soon I decided it was time to watch it again. But I’m taking this one slowly, though that might change once I get to the season two slump.

I’ve also been catching up on films. I’ve watched The Witch (loved it), and Lights Out (it was good but I thought it’d be better). And over the weekend I will watch Crimson Peak because I didn’t get to watch that in the cinema.

What Are You Playing?

Considering I have a PS3 in my parents’ house I tend to play games I haven’t finished. I’ve been playing some Skyrim. But I found it a bit overwhelming so I decided to stop.

So, I turned to a game I love and hate, a game that I’ve played for over 200 hours. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

Or if we get too technical Afterbirth +


The Afterbirth + DLC came out this week, and I immediately bought it.  It added many more items, enemies and a new character. That means the game is even more challenging now. And frustrating.

What Are You Reading?

I’ve been reading the same book for the past two weeks. China Miéville’s Perdido Street Station.


It’s an interesting book, but it’s so long and its prose so purple that it’s taking me forever. Especially because I tend to do most of my reading at night, right before I sleep. I got stuck so I decided to read something else for a while, and I chose Clive Barker’s The Hellbound Heart, the book he adapted later on into Hellraiser.


Clive Barker was one of those authors I always wanted to read but never got the chance. And after reading this short book I understand why Stephen King once called him “the future of horror.” I will definitely be reading more of his stuff in the future.

And That’s Pretty Much It

I’m just fresh from seeing my town’s Three Wise Men parade and grabbed some fistfuls of candy because I’m still a kid at heart.

And on that note I’ll leave you be. Hope you guys are having a great week.