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A Trip To Tipp – Geeks on Tour

A Trip To Tipp – Geeks on Tour


This week’s Geek on Tour brings us to Tipperary, a place not exactly swimming in nerd or geek culture. However there are some great troves that might be of interest! I will do my best to share with you some of the more exciting places around the county.

Since I spend most of my time in college, I can’t visit these places as often as I would like. Nevertheless, I suggest you make a stop at these spots, should you find yourself bored and looking for places to visit around Tipperary!

Tom Skinny’s Pizza Parlour

Tom Skinny’s is a great, quiet place if you want to sit down and read, chat or just have a bite to eat. In my opinion, it is the greatest pizza parlour in Tipperary and I definitely recommend trying out their milkshakes! The parlour is close to the cinema so it’s a great pit stop to go with your friends after a good film, or a day shopping in the town.


It’s located down a small, quite street in Clonmel too, so traffic is a minimum. It is small and never over-packed. Plus, the wooden tables and warm feel to the restaurant gives Tom Skinny’s a warm feeling that just makes you want to keep coming back to relax!


Okay, so not exactly a unique spot to Tipperary, since CEX can be found in other counties around Ireland. But I bring it up with excitement, since this is a recent addition to Tipperary. Which is great, since we are severally lacking in the geek department! It opened during the summer and can be found in Thurles Shopping Centre. So, after taking a trip to the cinema inside, don’t forget to stop off at CEX where you can find some second hand DVDs and video games!

This is fast becoming one of my favourite places to visit when I’m home!

Cahir Castle

This one is not an obvious choice for a geeky stop, considering it’s an old, medieval castle. However, over the last several years, the castle grounds served as a background for plenty of cool shows! That includes Excalibur, Barry Lyndon, some additional shots for The Tudors, Moonfleet, starring Ray Winstone and don’t forget the sounds of its working portcullis were recorded for use in Braveheart!


If these shows aren’t necessarily your thing, the castle itself looks like it’s from a fairytale so it is a great spot to take some pictures! Not to mention it is positioned right in front of Cahir Park, a beautiful area to take a stroll, with the castle still in sight!

Tipperary Excel

A great cinema that usually receives films on limited releases and is great to support any Irish-made films! However, the Excel is not just a cinema. It holds many live shows throughout the year and as you walk through the beautiful building, art and photographs can be found hanging from the walls as part of their impressive, extensive gallery.


Once you’re done, there is a beautiful cafe where you can just sit and look at this art. It also holds dance classes and organises plenty of cool workshops! It’s definitely a great place to visit if your interested in arts and culture!