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Shappi And Lux Cosplay AkumaKon 2017 – Gallery

Shappi And Lux Cosplay AkumaKon 2017 – Gallery


AkumaKon 2017 is just around the corner! We are super excited for the packed weekend! The convention boasts a stellar lineup of guests as usual. Amongst that roster of guests are cosplay stars, Shappi and Lux.


Shappi is a cosplayer from Poland who specialises in making armor. She has been honing her craft for the last eight years. In that time, she has created over sixty costumers for her own wardrobe. She works full-time as a costume maker in the gaming industry. On the subject of cosplay, Shappi said:

“Cosplay is a passion that helps me develop my skills as a creator, and gives me an opportunity to meet great people from all over the world!”

Check out just some of her work below:


Lux has been a cosplayer almost as long as Shappi. The Austrian cosplay artist has a serious passion for the hobby with a serious love for building armor. While her cosplay closet features a wide variety of characters, it’s perhaps her Legend of Zelda inspired costumes she’s most proud.

Check out just a fraction of her work below:

Be sure to check out both cosplayers on Facebook! Shappi! Lux! Or you could get off your butt and pop down to AkumaKon and meet them in person! I’d suggest you do both!