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The Expanse Meets Firefly – Style Saturday

The Expanse Meets Firefly – Style Saturday


As The Expanse season 2 will soon be hitting our screens (and our sleep cycles, thanks to the inevitable binge), we’ve decided to use the hit show as inspiration for this week’s Style Saturday. But that’s not all! As I’ve said numerous times in previous articles (to the chagrin of my fellow writers), The Expanse reminds me a lot of Firefly, one of my favourite shows ever.

So for Style Saturday this week, I’ve put together two looks that are a kind of Frankenstein’s Monster mash-up of the two shows. This is happening.


The Expanse Firefly

What The Expanse inspired look would be complete without Miller’s trilby? Fun fact: In the book, he actually wore a porkpie hat. Personally, I prefer the latter as it’s a little more jaunty and stylish than a trilby, because it makes one think that the person wearing it is a bit of a douche bag. Which, to be fair, Miller is sometimes.

The Browncoat t-shirt is a staple for any Firefly fan looking to shout it to the world, and the brown trousers worn by many in the crew at various points goes with it nicely. Plus they’re comfy. Comfort is key when you’re explorin’ the ‘verse.

In The Expanse, phones are a lot more high tech than they are now, and they have a kind of yellow glow on the edges. I picked out a yellow cover with lines through the design because it reminded me of faulty tech, like a TV that needs a good slap to keep the picture straight. Miller’s phone is always in bad shape, so the case is an ode to his lack of care for his stuff.

I chose a pair of vans in the colour ‘ice green’ because there’s so little greenery in space and one of the characters at the start of The Expanse had a bit of a breakdown (ie. he dumped some dirt on his bedroom floor and cried while standing on it… yeah). Also, the Canterbury was mining ice in space when the main events of the show took place, so why not. Or, you know, I just liked the colour.

To cap it off, grab a cute dinosaur key chain a la Wash’s dashboard in Firefly and go for some fingerless gloves like Jayne. Why I chose the colour blue is pretty obvious I think. Two by two… 

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The Expanse Firefly

I focused a bit more on The Expanse for this look! The dungarees look a lot like the jumpsuits that the crew of the Rocinante wear in The Expanse and I picked out a t-shirt of Mars to go with it. When you pair it with a phone case that states ‘Earth sucks’ then everyone will know you’re a Martian and proud! I think Bobbie Draper would approve of this look.

I picked out hardy red boots to go with the outfit because Chrisjen Avasarala wears boots similar to them under her beautiful, elaborate outfits. It’s such a nice nod to her character that I just had to include it. She’s all beauty but she’s practical and gets things done no matter how tough. You may have missed it when first watching but check out her feet when she’s in frame and you’ll see.

I also picked out some fairly spacey makeup for this look. Dark blue/purple lips are a nod to Julie Mao after the Rocinante crew and Miller find her. You know the scene I’m talking about if you’ve seen the show (if you haven’t, close your Brooklyn Nine Nine tab and watch it!). I also went for a shimmery Urban Decay eyeshadow in the colour Space Cowboy, which can obviously be tied to both shows.

Finally, I chose a blue beanie similar to one worn by Alex, the quick-talking Texan pilot of the Rocinante (and my personal favourite character in The Expanse), and I also found a cool string choker that looks very like the one Zoe Washburne wears on Serenity.

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And those are the two looks for this week’s Style Saturday! What do you think? Did you get any inspo? Let me know in the comments!