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Steven Universe S3 Ep 12 ‘Restaurant Wars’ Review

Steven Universe S3 Ep 12 ‘Restaurant Wars’ Review


Restaurant Wars‘ was the 12th episode of season 3 of Steven Universe. Part of the ‘Summer of Steven’ special event, it was released on July 25 this year. This episode revolves around some of the minor Beach City characters, more specifically the Pizza family and the Fryman family.

Plot point

The episode starts with Steven going to one of his regular haunts: the Fry Shack. Deciding he wants to shake things up a little, he asks Peedee for something off the menu. He receives a portion of mozzarella sticks, which he is satisfied with. However, he has unwittingly started a war. When Kofi sees him with the mozzarella sticks outside Fish Stew Pizza, he becomes enraged. Seeing as mozzarella sticks contain similar ingredients to pizza, he takes this as an infringement on his business. Thus he immediately decides to start selling fries, much to Fryman’s fury. The two declare an all-out restaurant war, with Steven caught in the middle.

The next day, Steven arrives to a boardwalk full of discarded food. Peedee admits that when he sold the mozzarella sticks, he broke a treaty between the two families. Steven is horrified to realise that he can’t order fries in the Fry Shack because they’ve ran out and are only selling pizza bits. Likewise, he can’t order pizza in Fish Stew Pizza without signing a contract. However, he is not the only one caught in the middle of the feud. The children of each family are also caught up in the mess. They decide to work together to stop the war.


Fixing the Feud

The first plan of action is to stage a Romeo and Juliet. Steven proposes that if Ronaldo and Kiki pretend to date, the two families will have to put aside their differences for their sake. Ronaldo stating that he has a girlfriend does nothing to hinder this plan as no one really believes him. The next day the two pretend to declare their love for one another. The plan goes off without a hitch and Kofi and Fryman decide to end the feud. However, then Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Jane, appears. She is immediately heartbroken and runs away, despite Ronaldo attempting to explain. The plan falls apart and the feud continues.

Kiki tells Steven that the only way the treaty was ever made between the two families was because they needed to team up against a more successful business. Steven decides the best course of action is to replicate this by opening a restaurant in his house. The two families are invited to dine on gourmet fries and pizza there and are immediately threatened by how delicious they are. Kofi and Fryman beg Steven to shut down the restaurant, which he agrees to on the condition that they stop the war.


Steven Universe Revelations

A few interesting things are revealed in this episode, one of the most surprising to some fans being that Ronaldo has (or had) a girlfriend. Jane is a minor character that first appeared in the Steven Universe episode ‘Lion 2: The Movie‘, where she worked as a ticket salesperson. She appears to be an anime fan as she at one point borrowed a DVD titled ‘Koala Princess’, which appears to be an anime. Ronaldo also calls her ‘Jane-chan’ and ‘ohime-sama’, further implying this. According to his blog, which is viewable here, he believes they’ll reconcile.


The episode also sheds light on some things fans may not have been so curious about. The treaty between the two restaurant families is an interesting piece of backstory. It also explains why a pizza restaurant was never shown selling fries and why a fries restaurant never sold much else. The turbulent relationship between the two families poses some interest to a number of fans and made for interesting character development for much of the minor cast.

While this episode doesn’t further the major plot lines of Steven Universe in any major way, it is interesting to see some introspective into the lives of some of the more minor characters. The Beach City residents are a quirky and enigmatic bunch with often intriguing personalities. It is safe to say that while a certain number of fans may complain about filler episodes, they hold a special and arguably vital place in the series and may become some of the more enjoyable episodes for fans.

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