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You Should Play… Plants vs Zombies: Heroes

You Should Play… Plants vs Zombies: Heroes


As I mentioned in my Whatchu Doin’ piece recently, I’ve been playing a bit of Plants vs Zombies: Heroes. As I’ve explained there, it’s a free to play mobile card game based on the popular PopCap Games, Plants vs Zombies franchise.

It’s an asymmetrical game wherein you play either a plant or a zombie deck, either headed up by one of many hero characters. Each hero has two different card types that they can use within their decks. These types may be ‘sneaky’ types, or ‘explosive’ types, each of which follow some very general mechanical consistencies. I don’t think that’s what they’re actually called but an approximation. Each hero also has unique hero cards, four in all. They start with one in hand and the others are acquired by taking hits. Taking hits grants you shield charge and, upon the shield fully charging, you mitigate that hit and gain your next hero card with an opportunity to play that for free at that moment or place it in your hand.

Decks contain 40 cards (plus the four hero cards) invariably. You start with one energy (sun for plants, brains for zombies) and gain one at the start of each each turn.

As well as the general types, there are more specific types which often work well with cards that specifically benefit them. You can have flower plants, and nut plants. Sport zombies and dancing zombies. As well as many others. One flower heals your hero 1 point per flower plant you have at the start of your turn (you can’t exceed your starting health of 20) and the handy mascot zombie gives all sport zombies +1/+1 at the start of each turn.

As I mentioned, the gameplay is asymmetrical, and there are several phases. First, each player gets their energy and draws a card, and any tart of turn effects take place. Then the zombie player summons zombies in one of five lanes. Followed by the plant player summoning plants and playing any ‘trick’ cards they want to. Then the zombies get a chance to play trick cards. Finally, there’s combat which goes lane by lane. All units in a lane attack at once. The goal being to bring the opposing hero to zero health, of course.

The games don’t take too long and there is also a versus AI option for when you want to forget about time limits. You’ve also got a relatively large card selection. And if there’s a card you want, you could always craft them via an in-game currency. Or test your luck with card packs. If you’re looking for a fun, compelling game to play, stick this on your to-be-played list!

Have you played Plants VS Zombies: Heroes? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments!