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Christmas Shopping: Dilemma And Drama

Christmas Shopping: Dilemma And Drama


Not that I am one to boast but I’ve my Christmas shopping done since November. It’s not that I’m some form of supreme being (although I’ll forgive you for the mistake). No I’m just a man who has learned from his past. I was once like you, leaving it all to the last minute; dodging calls from eager families and smashing my way through the crowds on busy streets.

Christmas is a nightmare albeit a festive one!

Procrastination Disaster


Face it! You know Christmas comes around ever year but you’ll put it off time and time again! Mistake number one!

Worst Laid Plans


You’ve three Christmas parties to attend, four Secret Santa gifts to smuggle, a million family members to shop for and you’ve got one day left to do it all. Grab the planner and a pencil!

Budget Crisis


Oh no wait, you forgot you’re dirt poor and every costs a million euro more at Christmas time!

A List Of Lists


The list is growing exponentially. You’ve broken family down into immediate, distant and questionable, those are then subdivided into age, interests and most importantly how likely they are to give you a gift!

The Forgotten


Inevitably you’re going to forget someone or something! It’s no big deal, everyone is super cool, rational and understanding during this peaceful holiday.

To Scrooge Or Not To Scrooge


If every second gift is for you then you’re Scrooge-ing things up nicely! Treat yo’ self!

The Bitter End


Crowds climbed! Gifts bundled up in tacky paper! Mulled wine…

No Wait…


You forgot the mulled wine spice! Back out you go to fight for the last remaining box in the city!