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5 Best TV Christmas Specials To Watch

5 Best TV Christmas Specials To Watch


Happy Christmas from everyone at The Arcade! You’ll no doubt be busy enjoying all of your new presents, but if you experience a lull in your day, check out some of these fantastic Christmas specials!

Seasonal Beatings – Peep Show

If you’re not already a fan of Peep Show, add it to your ‘Must Watch’ list for 2017. It’s incredibly hard to beat the comedy gold that is Mark losing the rag at Jes for not getting the turkey. Or Jes being proud as punch at rejecting Mark’s sister’s advances using the excuse that he “did it for Father Christmas”.


Christmas Party – The Office (US)

Nothing makes you feel better about a Christmas that isn’t going super well than watching Michael Scott ruin a perfectly good one by being his usual self. In ‘Christmas Party’, he turns Secret Santa into Nasty Christmas. We don’t know what Michael was bummed about – we’d LOVE paintball lessons from Dwight Schrute!

Ludachristmas – 30 Rock

Tina Fey‘s hilarious show is one of my favourites of all time. There are so many episodes that are gold standard, but ‘Ludachristmas’ is next level fantastic! It features the arrival of protagonist Liz Lemon’s sweet-as-sugar parents and brother (who was in an accident and believes it’s still 1985). Jack’s mother Colleen is in disbelief at how well they get on and makes it her mission to rock the boat, which she does with her usual pizzazz. A must-watch!


Afternoon Delight – Arrested Development

There’s so much to love about this hilarious Christmas episode of the award-winning show, Arrested Development; G.O.B dangling from a crane in a banana costume, uncle and niece singing the very adult-themed song ‘Afternoon Delight’ at a Christmas party, and Lucille high as a kite driving into the Bluth Banana Stand.

A Christmassy Ted – Father Ted

No Christmas Specials list would be complete without this episode of Father Ted. It’s absolutely iconic and one of the first episodes of the show I ever saw when I was a kid. Christmas isn’t Christmas without watching the carnage that is a gaggle of priests trying to get out of the largest lingerie section in Ireland. Classic.

What are your favourite Christmas specials? Let us know in the comments below!