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‘Winter’ – Tori Amos – Track of the Day

‘Winter’ – Tori Amos – Track of the Day


For today’s track I decided to go with something special. In a way because as the Starks would put it “Winter is coming” but the main reason is Tori Amos. She is one of my favourite musicians. That’s evident if you look at my profile photo because it’s a photo I have with her. A photo I refuse to change from all my profiles, at least until I meet her again.

I started listening to her about nine years ago. I was aware of her mostly because of her friendship with Neil Gaiman and the references they make to each other, but the moment I first listened to her it all changed. Her music has helped me in good and bad moments. I could continue gushing about her for hours, but I already do that enough, so I’ll leave you with ‘Winter.’

‘Winter’ is a song from her first album, Little Earthquakes. Hardcore legend Mick Foley has talked a lot about this song and what it means to him (he has a way with words, really) because he listened to it before some of his most intense matches. That fact also made pro-wrestler Kane (who is 6’10”) say “Remind me never to fuck with you.”

I’ve been assigned ‘Track of the Day’ articles before, and I kept putting Tori Amos off because I didn’t feel it was the right moment. Today’s the right moment.