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A Series Of Unfortunate Outfits – Style Saturday

A Series Of Unfortunate Outfits – Style Saturday


As Netflix has just released the official trailer for their adaption of A Series of Unfortunate Events, we’ve decided to put together outfits inspired by the series for this week’s Style Saturday. We’re all huge fans of both the books and the original movie here at The Arcade, so we have high expectations for the upcoming Netflix show.

There are so many amazing and unique parts of the series that it’s impossible to encompass them all (I had no luck seeking out apparel with a sugar bowl on it – BELIEVE ME I tried!) but I’ve included a few of the main ones. Check out the outfits below!


A Series of Unfortunate Outfits

There’s quite a mix in this outfit, but if you’re a fan of stand-out, quirky looks then you might just be brave enough to give this one a go! The most obvious ASOUE allusion is the pinstriped trousers; say what you want about Count Olaf, but the man had some style! You probably don’t have a tattoo of an eye on your ankle, but go for the next best thing and get a pair of shoes with cheeky eyes on them. They’re surprisingly easy to find!

I know it’s winter, but the circular sunglasses reminded me of the glasses the Baudelaires had to wear when they were concierge at Hotel Denouement, so I included them in the look. Who cares if the sun doesn’t go near our little island, rock those glasses anyway.

I picked out a sweater (it’s cold after all!) with a picture of teeth on it. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what this alludes to! Plus, I couldn’t write this post without including Sunny; she saved her siblings’ hides many times and deserves a bit of recognition.

No ASOUE look would be complete without Violet’s purple ribbon, but because most people don’t use ribbons to tie up their hair, go for a little clip-on bow. It’ll look just as good and it won’t fall out if you’re running for the bus! I also chose a green and black scaly phone cover and snake cuff in honour of the Incredibly Deadly Viper, which you’ll remember from The Reptile Room.

Finally, add a mushroom necklace (preferably black) to represent the Medusoid Mycelium that caused so much carnage and the eventual death of Kit Snicket.

Necklace | Bracelet | Sweater | Jeans | Phone Cover | Glasses


A Series of Unfortunate Outfits

Although several elements are present here, I mostly focused it on Klaus and his experiences from the series. Start off with a Moby Dick t-shirt or a picture of the author, Herman Melville (if you recall, Klaus wore a diving suit with a picture of Herman Melville on the front in The Grim Grotto).

Fun fact: One of the patients at the Heimlich Hospital who suffers from seasickness is named after Father Mapple, the preacher who sermonises on the Biblical tale of Jonah trapped in a whale in Melville‘s Moby-Dick. And Ishmael, the leader of the island the Baudelaires wash up on in The End, was named after the narrator of Moby Dick. There are so many literary references throughout the book you could read them several times over and still miss them!

Cold weather is starting to set in so cover your shirt with a teal blazer. I picked this out because Klaus wore a teal suit on the original covers. For shoes, I picked out a pair of shiny blue converse in honour of the Quagmire triplets  and their fortune of sapphires. As well as that, they’re dead comfortable.

Inject a bit of Olaf into the look with an eye keyring. I also picked out a phone cover featuring a geometric fire; I figured it was probably important to mention the thing that started the Baudelaires’ misery in the first place – their parents dying in a terrible fire.

Klaus is a huge reader and his knowledge got the Baudelaires out of countless scrapes. Pick out a pair of funky library socks and invest in a good satchel to hold all your books. If you’re the creative type and you often doodle or note down idea, buy a black commonplace notebook just like Isadora Quagmire. Or you could get a dark green one like Duncan or a purple one like Quigley. Pick your favourite!

Satchel | Phone Cover | Keyring | Blazer | Socks | Shoes

Ultimately, the series is weird and wonderful and full of subtle brilliances, so why not reflect that in your choice of outfit too? Let us know what you thought of these outfits in the comments below!