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Let’s Talk Live Action – Otaku Digest

Let’s Talk Live Action – Otaku Digest


This has been a major week for anime on a worldwide basis since we have had the release of two major trailers for two long-awaited live action adaptations. For anyone who might not be aware of these, this week the trailer for the live action adaptations of both Ghost in the Shell and Fullmetal Alchemist were released. Both these live action trailers have received mixed reactions since we have been burned by both Hollywood anime adaptations and Japanese based live actions.

There has been some serious back lash ever since the announcement came that there would be a Hollywood live action adaptation of fan favourite anime Ghost in the Shell and even more so when it was announced that Scarlett Johansson would be taking on the lead role. However there seems to have been a change of heart after the release of the full trailer and I cannot help but agree.

This trailer was exactly what I needed to convince me that this may be a redemption for the last attempt at a live action anime, the nightmare that was Dragonball Evolution. Watching this trailer was like watching a piece of the anime made real and the fact they used some of the most iconic shots from the anime was a genius move on the editor and productions part. Something that stood out to me about this trailer and the world that has been created from the anime has been given some serious thought. I have watched the trailer a few times and it looks like they took this seriously, they took the source material and actually used it. Don’t fix what is not broken.

On the other hand we had the teaser trailer for the live action Fullmetal Alchemist film which is probably one of the most warmly received live action adaptation announcements but with an air of caution. First off a quick bit about the trailer which of course is just eye candy for anyone who is a fan of the anime. We only get snippets but what we do get is just amazing, Edward Elric made real is just as accurate as we hoped and imagined, the alchemy is amazing and we can only hope it stays that way but sadly we only got a single frame of what Alphonse will look like but there is hope.

There is this auto response to Hollywood based adaptations that they will be awful and obviously it is understandable why there is this feeling. They have not exactly given us much to go on with the already mentioned Dragonball Evolution being a bomb of cosmic proportions with every aspect of it going against the extensive universe it was taken from. However people seem to forget that Japan have had their fair share of terrible adaptations and some quite recently, dare I mention the Attack on Titan live action films?

These films were yes very visually appealing and in that sense were adapted well from their source material but even as much as I even hate to admit it so was Dragonball Evolution. However the story of the films and the acting leave a lot to be desired much like that of Dragonball Evolution. Even looking at some of the more popular live action adaptations from Japan of major anime like Death Note have been acclaimed but we all tend to forget that yes the first film is great, the second an alright sequel, then we got a terrible third film and now we are set for more Death Note.

We are set to have not one but two new Death Note films one from Japan and a Hollywood adaptation which have both received criticism for different reasons. The Hollywood for the usual of white washing but also for taking a series that does not need a new reboot and Japan the same, there is no need to make another film for a series that has been done. However in my opinion there is a new hope for both adaptations following the newly released trailers, that is unless the actual films are utter trash but the trailers alone have given a new life to the hope they will not be. These are two of the most influential and fan favourite anime that they could have chosen to adapt with Ghost in the Shell being the classic one compared to Fullmetal Alchemists new age classic status.

What did you think of the two trailers? Have they given you hope for the full films? Let us know!