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Let’s Binge Some Anime – Otaku Digest

Let’s Binge Some Anime – Otaku Digest


Another Sunday means another Otaku Digest and that winter chill is beginning to set in. We all know what that means – it is time to get out the winter woollies and lay on the couch for some anime binging. There is nothing better than kicking back on a chilly Sunday afternoon with some hot beverage of your choice, fluffy socks and just getting knee deep in some anime. Usually I would never suggest a full-on anime binge since I think it loses some of the magic that way, but those Sunday afternoons just cuddled up can be utter perfection.

In honour of Sunday comfy afternoons, today’s Otaku Digest will look at some of the best binge-worthy anime that are perfect for this kind of afternoon. Usual disclaimer applies here that these are some of my choices for binge-worthy anime but I want to know your perfect anime binge choices too. Let me know in the comments!

#3 Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

60315lIt is a shame that this anime is not better known since it is a little gem of a show. More widely known by its English title of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, this was a twelve-episode anime that was released back in 2014. A very simple anime in terms of story, it is exactly as it says on the tin; a romantic comedy bordering on the slice of life genre. Usually this would not be my kind of anime since it is a slice of life type anime, but it is great.

What should sell this anime is the fantastic characters it created. The story is a basic love story but not just between the individual characters. It is also about their love for the story and the art form of manga in general. This anime will have you laughing and will get you behind these characters and truly rooting for them in every exploit they set out to do. Since this series is just twelve episodes long, it is a great anime to pop on, sit and watch in an afternoon.

#2 Himouto! Umaru-chan

ab21e2b37d995124ea4a77f51f81becc1436371805_fullYes, it is shocking because here comes another slice of life and comedy anime which I usually never admit to liking. However, this and Gekkan Shojo are a great example of the genre done right. They managed to create a great but simple comedic story with some of the most enjoyable characters I’ve come across. Umaru-chan, however, falls more on the silly side of things. The story is so simple it borderlines on stupidity and you begin to wonder why you are watching it, but it is just so enjoyable!

Umaru-chan was released back in 2015 and another 12-episode anime making it the perfect afternoon watch. The thing about this series is there is very little story continuation in there and you do not need to pay 100% attention to the entire series. I guarantee that you will be glued to this series since each episode brings a new laugh and the characters are brilliant and relatable.

#1 Puella Magi Madoka Magica

7facd20f5216202349ad2fc3119e2e5b1329936788_fullWhereas the last two anime have been in the comedy genre, here we are going down a darker and more intense road. For anyone who has never seen Madoka Magica, now is the time to binge. It takes a new turn on the magical girl genre and turns all that we know about the genre on its head. It’s not the lightest anime series to dive into – it is not all rainbows and sparkles like in the usual magical girl series – but that’s not to say it isn’t a great series to jump on to.

It’s set in a world where magical girls must fight witches and ensure their darkness does not spread. Madoka Magica may not be for the faint of heart but if it’s a cold afternoon and you’re in the mood to get your teeth into a gritty series, then this is the anime for you. Unlike the last two anime, this is a more in depth series where you may not have to pay attention to each episode. This is the kind of series that if you miss a bit of information you are going to be even more mind blown at the end than intended. Word to the wise: For the last few episodes it is essential that you watch intently since it pretty much explains everything, especially the Homura episode. Also, if you’re not in the mood to binge a whole series, this anime is also split into two films for those of you who don’t want to commit to a new series.

There is nothing like an anime binge and, believe me, these series are worth your entire day!

What anime do you like binging on? Let me know in the comments!