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Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshots Revealed

Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshots Revealed


Though news of the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 won’t be released until at least March (with the release of 2.8), that doesn’t stop fans hunting for scraps. Thankfully, Square Enix have taken pity on us this week with these two screenshots from the upcoming game.


Taken from the Kingdom Hearts official Twitter page, what we are seeing here is Sora’s new Drive form. It is referred to as ‘Guard Form’, and supposed is transformed from Herc’s Shield. This makes sense, as veteran players will recognise the world in these pictures as Olympus Coliseum, inspired by Disney’s Hercules. The world is known amongst fans for it’s Arena minigame. Therefore, it could be speculated that we shall see a return of the Arena as well.

The Kingdom Hearts twitter also commented about the bright light Sora is using in the picture below: “This power form was edited as it is the Keyblade from a world that hasn’t been released yet, so it has changed into a hammer shape.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 Shots

So there we have it, guys and gals! We can now confirm that the Keyblade can take on both a shield and hammer form. That should tide us all over for another year until we finally get the conclusion to the series, right? Right?

…Yeah, probably not!