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Gravity Defying Locks – Otaku Digest

Gravity Defying Locks – Otaku Digest


There is a running joke about anime hairstyles which is spot the main protagonist of a series, yes they are usually the ones with the absurd look at me hairstyles. So today we take a look at some of my top picks for anime hair designs. Usual disclaimer applies here, the below are my choices of anime hairdos but if you have other suggestions we would love to hear them. Let us know in the comments.

#3 Super Saiyans – Dragonball Franchise

5ca5858d9379d694fd15073031fc626cbd57d822_hqTalk about gravity defying hair, the entire cast of Dragonball could realistically be on this list considering most have that gravity defying quality in everyday life. Lest we forget Raditz’s long pointed locks, Bulma’s ever changing blue hair and her pink haired son Trunks. There has been a serious development in the hair styles of the series. From Goku’s already mind bending points to Vegeta’s sharp points, the most interesting developments of their locks has been in the transformations into the super saiyan form.
It was already a bit mad that it instantly pointed up and turned blonde but it could be explained, sort of. Power apparently makes your hair stand to attention but it also makes your hair grow? I am of course talking about that transition they make into the super saiyan 3 form, where not only does their hair turn blonde and go pointy but it grows to below their butts. An ability any woman would die for but of course the hair growth without the disappearing eyebrows.

#2 Selnia Flameheart – Ladies vs Butlers

There was a little war going on for this spot in my head for two ladies of sort of similar hair styles but one was tumblr_muptudwitc1rjwa86o1_1280far more extreme than the other. Taking an honourable mention is Mami Tomoe from Madoka Magica whose blonde ringlets are something to both admire and envy, it is a trend in magical girl anime to have crazy hair but Selnia Flameheart takes the throne. Not from a magical girl anime but her hair is exquisitely magical.

Her hair is a piece of anime gold and could even be considered a weapon at times considering the noises it often makes. For those who have not seen this glorious do Selnia has two very long pigtails of twisted blonde locks which somehow often get even longer and gain density. The most hilarious and amazing aspect of her hair however is the fact they do act like a drill and make spinning noises which often depend on her mood.

#1 Every Yu-Gi-Oh Protagonist Ever

0797be24475e4736a55c433d5cd98b6eIs this any shock really? Yes there are more outrageous hair styles out there with characters that can pull all sorts out of their hair or hair that has critters living in there. However Yu-Gi-Oh has had some of the best designed hair in the anime business. Looking just from the very first season of the anime we had the block hair of Joey and Téa but most recognisably we have Yugi Muto, the tri coloured pointy end haired protagonist of the series.

In my opinion he is the reason we have that joke about spot the protagonist, his hair is just mind blowing and then when he ‘transforms’ into his pharaoh persona he gets the added bonus of lightning strike spikes of blonde hair, why he needs these? Who knows but he gets them.

As the franchise moves into the future seasons it is a theme that runs throughout. Now I will say maybe Jaydenn is the slight exception, yes his hair is still out there being a tonal block of spikes. However his hair is simply brown compared to Yugi’s black, blonde and purple hair show. It may be known now as the show that has mainstreamed the heart of the cards and card games on motorcycles but it is also the franchise that made the protagonist hairstyle a staple in mainstream anime.

Disagree with me and think I have left someone out? Let us know in the comments.