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So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

Sometime in September four years ago, I started writing for this site. I’d actually decided I wanted to join sometime before that, but getting the gig seemed like an exclusive club I didn’t know the password to. Turns out the password is get drunk with the editor-in-chief, Declan, and compliment his cooking. I’d met Declan […]

Animated Lady – Cosplay Gallery

With the release of Moana coming up soon I’ve been on a bit of an animated lady buzz as of late. There have been some amazing characters, heros, villains, damsels and daredevils to admire in recent years. Their animation styles are numerous and all have their special appeal. The characters themselves are even more unique […]

Fateful Findings – Screen Savers

Fateful Findings may best be described as the greatest cult movie you’ve never heard of. As a film with even less self awareness than The Room, it sets a new bar for so-bad-it’s-good movies. Neil Breen, the man who serves as writer, director, producer and star, is a true visionary of the medium. We can only hope to one day […]