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Spoopy Makeup! – Ewtube

Spoopy Makeup! – Ewtube


So it’s the month of Halloween… sorry, I meant October —- or did I?! Basically once October comes along, I  immediately go into full on Halloween and horror mode! And once that happens, well  I like to head to my most favourite youtube channel which is MadeYewLook. Now, you may have seen her on The Arcade thanks to yours truly before, but I didn’t exactly focus on her horror looks, which I think are some of her best. But that’s why I’m doing that now! MadeYewLook is an unbelievably amazing makeup and special effects makeup channel, and it’s one you all need to go check out right now! So without any further delay, let’s check out some of Lex’s best horror looks!


This video is her newest one and in it you can see how much Lex herself has improved in doing certain makeup techniques. At first glance, her stitches or staples look unbelievably realistic, it may take you a second or third glance to realize that they are in fact pained on. Lex explains everything in great detail and sometimes even just listening to her can make you laugh and feel involved in a way.

Carved Masquerade Mask

Want something a little more elegant? Why not try out this absolutely beautiful carved skin masquerade mask? It’s done in such beautiful detail that once again, you may be a little shocked to see that it’s all just make up and not a single drop of blood has been shed! It’s stunningly beautiful and could be used anywhere else on the body, just watch how she does it!

Freddy Krueger

Now this is one I have actually used myself! I’ve tried looking for many different Freddy looks on youtube, but Lex’s was the one that really delivered for me in terms of ease! It’s done with drug store products so anyone can chance their arm at it, really! If you wanna try something fun, then go for this one because honestly it’s easy to follow and you end up with a seriously cool product at the end.

Special FX Series

These last few videos are all up close and personal, and they show you in great detail how to do some of the awesome special effects you may see in cosplay or for Halloween! Ever wanted to know how to do realistic stitches? Or maybe you wanna be a mermaid that’s been dragged from the depths but never knew how to do proper gills on your neck? Lex explains how to do everything in perfect detail and fantastically easy steps to follow.

Do yourself a favour and check out MadeYewLook on youtube! She even has her own store where you can purchase prints, makeup brushes and apparel. She even donates proceedings to diabetes foundations as she herself is a diagnosed diabetic.

Let us know if you’ve tried any of her looks or have any plans to in the future!