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Resident Evil Wildlife In The Mansion – Boss Rush

Resident Evil Wildlife In The Mansion – Boss Rush


Resident Evil is one of the free games available to PSN subscribers! I picked up my copy over the weekend for a little nostalgia gaming. I forgot how much the game terrified the crap out of me! Skulking down narrow hallways praying there was nothing around the corner! It’s not for me!

You know what else isn’t for me? The boss fights! No not that final countdown fight with Tyrant! That was just frustrating! No, I’m talking about the creatures infected and mutated by the T-Virus! The wildlife that, even before they were zombified were frightening! I still can’t go into the attic at home for fear that there’s a giant snake living up there my parents forgot to mention!

This list doesn’t include the small snakes and spiders, the crows or dogs that seem to have made the Mansion their playground/nightmare fest.

So today I present to you, nervously, three Resident Evil bosses I still dread!

Plant 42


You don’t win friends with salad or Plant 42!

Okay it’s hardly a name that would strike fear in the heart but don’t underestimate this flora! Plant 42 is deadly as it is hideous! Admittedly it isn’t the most terrifying but I have hayfever and this just makes it worse! The plant boss was exposed to the T-Virus prior to the events of the game. Mutated, it is larger and deadlier with researchers (the ones who survived) unable to distinguish it’s origin.

Playing through and encountering Plant 42 offers two different experiences depending on the character you’re controlling. Jill Valentine does not have to go head to head instead with it. Instead players can solve a puzzle to get their hands on some lethal plant killer, V-Jolt.
As Chris you’ll fight the plant only to wind up pinned and ultimately rescued by Rebecca Chambers when she administers the same chemical.

Fine! Okay! Plant 42 isn’t the toughest boss or the grossest but I’m just starting things easy! Let’s talk about snakes!


I hate snakes! I really hate snakes! So I really really hate Yawn! This attic living, tongue flicking, scale covered mega snake is the embodiment of my nightmares.

Engineered as a B.O.W. Yawn got it’s name for the pose it struck just before it attacked. Unhinging it’s massive and disgusting snake jaw as if to swallow it’s victim in one bite. Fighting Yawn isn’t hard if you’re quick to dodge! The key is throw yourself out of it’s way just as it lunges then open fire with some heavy duty weapons.

My issue with Yawn was the fact I tend to duck and cover from snakes especially those on TV. I had to fight this colossal serpent with my eyes half shut and hope I landed away from it’s attack. As if just being a snake wasn’t enough for this monster, it was also venomous and a cure isn’t so readily available in the Spencer Mansion! Which is silly, surely a house with a giant snake running rampant would have anti-vemon and grenade stations on every corner!

This is the moment, 16yr old me, pooped himself!
This is the moment, 16yr old me, pooped himself!

Black Tiger


Okay take my hate for snakes and multiply it by infinity! I am downright repulsed by spiders! I can’t handle them at all! You can forget about the small baby ones too! They are vile!

I can’t explain how you fight Black Tiger! I am not even going to try! I will admit that when it and it’s spider baby underlings appeared in the mansion I usually ran! There was also some shrieking and probably tears! No I had to have help conquering this part of the game!

Video game developers/designers note, spiders DO NOT make good video game monsters! Less of those please!

Have you visited the Spencer Mansion recently? Got a favourite Resident Evil monster? Let me know in the comments below!