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Cute As A Button – Otaku Digest


For anyone out there who is unaware of a kawaii character or kawaii in general it is put simply; cuteness. That’s right it is that simple their characters are cute, whether it be in their general appearance, personality or all round demeanour, no matter their gender or attached anime.

#4 Chiyo Sakura – Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Coming from one of the most overlooked anime of 2014 we have Chiyo Sakura. You might think there is nothing truly extroadinary or stand out about this character.7052f27afa264d8a332becb361bb8afd You’d be wrong, she is as cute as a button since all she wants to do is tell the guy she likes that she likes him. Most of us know that’s not as easy as it sounds; ever!

Chiyo stands out as cute mainly in her reactions to different scenarios she is put into which usually involve Nozaki. Taking her attempt at confessing her love to him she completely minces her words and instead of confessing she winds up becoming an inker assistant for him and his super-secret shōjo manga.

She is the classic loved up high school girl and oozes buckets of cuteness.

#3 Nagisa – Free! Iwatobi Swin Club

girl_friends__nagisa_x_reader__free__by_fan_tan_chan-d74ok0wYes there are anime guys on this list! Anime guys can sometimes be the intentionally cutest characters and steal the spotlight of the series.

That is very evident in Nagisa Hazuki from Free!. The supposed boy loli of the swim team; he’s more child like than the rest to put that simply. A first year high school student who attended the same elementary school as the rest of the swim team enrolled in the same high school as Haru in hopes of reliving their early days.

Nagisa is a very high energy soul and full of life. He often speaks before he thinks and once he sets his mind to things he usually comes up aces.

Nagisa is like a breath of fresh air in this series. Free! is total fan service and Nagisa has his part to play there too. It’s his personality that truly shines through.

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#2 Kisa Sohma – Fruits Basket

87dc4d479c59a1b577bd2247c4d8f46c1240112075_fullYou might be wondering why the main protagonist Tohru Honda didn’t make the list; she’s all things cute and adorable. She did make our sweetest anime characters list a while back so it was time to give another Fruits Basket character a chance.

Obviously if you have read or seen Fruits Basket you will know that although it is all warm and fuzzy there are some gritty bits in there and Kisa was involved in that. Bullied due to the way she looked, a side effect of the Sohma curse and how she speaks, Kisa decides to stop speaking.

Even when going through this dark time Kisa was always adorable not solely down to her size and age but in her demeanour. She latches onto Tohru like a baby chick following her around which especially in the anime just came off so cute despite the dark themes. After she overcomes her demons and bullies she only got stronger and in that cuter as even in her low voice when she attempts to speak up it comes off as just pure innocence.

#1 Mitsukuni ‘Honey’ Haninozuka – Ouran High School Hist Club

There is no shock at all that Honey makes this list since he takes the crown possibly as cutest male anime character but also is the king of the boy Lolita.879abc5891d44a8a38de7d6031b9cfa7

He is the same age as the rest of the hosts in the club.  Seventeen years old but due to his small stature and childlike attitude he is often mistaken for being younger.

He loves his cake and his stuffed rabbit Usa-chan which only add to his cuteness. Honey is not without his dangerous side; he is a martial arts master and must never reveal his true power.

I will admit that I know a lot of people find Honey to be grinding and just a rehash of other characters of the same design but the thing that truly makes Honey stand out is his interactions with others.

It was a close call between himself and Momiji Sohma from Fruits Basket, the anime version only but it was tipped in Honey’s favour since there was far more development and comedy in his character from the beginning.