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Tendai’s Top 5 Fantasy TV Shows You Should Watch

Tendai’s Top 5 Fantasy TV Shows You Should Watch


Undoubtedly the genre I am drawn the most to is fantasy. Don’t get me wrong I love all sorts of genres but fantasy is the one that calls to me. So, I sat down and thought about all the shows I’ve watched and loved that still have a special place in my heart – shaped my taste in entertainment from childhood to adulthood – and decided to inform you all of the essentials you should consider checking out!

Xena: Warrior Princess


As a fan of mythology since I was a young child Xena: Warrior Princess was a show that never left me bored. Seeing all the gods and goddess mingle with history in such a way always brought me joy. It was entertainment with some not so accurate history sprinkled throughout 134 episodes.

The relationships Xena forged with her companions were ones I always looked up to. She was strong, independent, kind and caring. Everything a little girl can hope to be and more.


When I was a child I remember watching Bewitched with my mom and wanting so badly to be a witch like Samantha. So when Charmed came along we watched that too and we soon became avid fans. There is just something so cheesy about the show now when you look back at it. In essence it is a coming of age story that doesn’t centre around teenagers. I appreciate that now more than ever. Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige were just as clueless as anyone would be taking that step into adulthood and when you throw newly found magic powers into the mix then it takes some major adjustment.

The demons in this show were my favourite part. There were so many different ones with a few regulars thrown in. The effects in the show by today’s standard are dated but it has a nostalgic feel about it. Another thing I loved about the show is the family aspect of it. Family is very important to me so I always enjoyed watching shows that had core values that mirrored my own.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I am a sucker for shows with vampires in them. Get it..? Sucker..!? … I’ll show myself out. I naturally have a bias towards shows that have empowering women and relatable characters. Although Buffy herself was unrelatable to me everyone without special abilities were. They were a normal enough group of people just trying to go to college and save the world while they are at it. Seems standard to me.

What I love the most is how scary the vampires actually looked. They didn’t just sprout fangs, they had a dark atmosphere that surrounded them, they had a dangerous aura about them and I loved that.


Yes I am a Supernatural fan and I have been since the beginning. I have watched over 200 episodes of this show and yes, that feels ridiculous putting it in writing. Through arc after arc, the detail that goes into this show in terms of mythology has maintained relative strength. It’s something I have always admired that about this show. Of course there are embellishments but the overall lore has a good foundation and consistency to it.

Dean and Sam Winchester must have been cats in former lives because they have cheated death countless times and it just makes you wonder when it will actually end. With that in mind without the boys we wouldn’t have gotten Crowley, Charlie, Bobby and Cass. It’s about these characters, as anyone who searches for Castiel on Tumblr can tell you.

Game of Thrones

My favourite show at the moment is Game of Thrones. When it’s not on I miss it and when it is on I go through a serious of emotions from elation, despair, grief and rage.

It has wonderfully developed characters. Characters you love, some you hate and some that get a bit of both. My love of this show stemmed from the books, however the TV show has diverted from the books. In fact the books are behind and Im starting to get antsy. Trying to summarise this show is difficult. But if I was to try it would be ” Homicidal people, lots and lots of death, magic, dragons and plot twists.’ Every season you are guaranteed that a fan favourite will die, that is the only thing I can count on this show for. Well that and an amazing story.

What shows would you recommend? Are you a fan of any of the ones listed above? Let us know in the comments below.