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Steven Universe S3 Ep 9 ‘Too Short to Ride’ Review

Steven Universe S3 Ep 9 ‘Too Short to Ride’ Review


Cartoon Network releasedToo Short To Ride’ on July 20 2016. Fans had been awaiting the episode for some time as teasers from it were released as promotional material for the Steven Universe ‘Summer of Steven’ special in the weeks before.

The episode opens with Steven giving Peridot a tablet computer as a gift. After Steven explains how it works, Peridot becomes enamoured with it. He explains how to access the internet, which she views with disdain as she used to be able to access information from across galaxies. ‘TubeTube,’ a website Steven appears to like, particularly confuses her, along with a Twitter-like site. However, she is grateful and believes it to be similar to her finger screens, attaching it to herself using velcro she took from Steven’s shoes. When Amethyst enters, she proceeds to show it off. Amethyst calls her a square and Peridot says it is, in fact, a rectangle. The exchange is slightly awkward and ends with Amethyst asking the two to hang out. Peridot initially is confused at the concept but quickly agrees nonetheless.


The trio arrive at Funland and Peridot expresses further confusion until the two explain that there are rides. However, the park put a new height restriction in place and none of them quite fit the bill. Mr. Smiley sends them off, disgruntled. Steven and Amethyst use their powers to shape-shift to make themselves taller, leaving poor Peridot behind as she claims she’s too rusty to do it herself. Afterwards, they go to other attractions in the park but Peridot is visibly not having fun.

Thankfully, a plush alien toy renews her excitement when she sees it at a ring toss stall. No matter her determination, though, none of the trio can land a ring. Then, while Onion distracts Mr. Smiley, Amethyst cheats and shape-shifts her arm longer to land a ring. Mr. Smiley gives Peridot a much smaller version of the toy she wanted. When she complains, he says that she would need to land ten rings to earn a larger one. The trio leave, disheartened.

Later, they sit on a park bench, eating corndogs as Peridot desperately tries to get rid of pop-ups on her tablet. She complains, saying they should call Funland ‘Shape-Shift Land’ and when Amethyst presses her she reluctantly admits she can’t actually shape-shift at all. Steven decides they will help Peridot access shape-shifting powers like the gems always helped him. No matter what they try, nothing helps.


Peridot explains that Homeworld is low on resources and is no longer able to create gems with typical abilities. The reason she had so many technological enhancements is because she doesn’t actually have any real powers. Amethyst and her argue over how Peridot should accept what she is instead of wanting to be something different and, in frustration, Amethyst tries to throw the tablet Peridot is using into the ocean. In a fit of panic, Peridot manages to telepathically catch the tablet, realising she has control over metal. She immediately uses her powers to go back to the stall and win the plush alien toy she wanted earlier.

To promote this episode, Cartoon Network set up a Twitter account for Peridot. As the episode aired, the company sent out periodic tweets, acting as Peridot. Lauren Zuke made another Twitter account for her and similarly sent out a series of tweets as the episode aired on the west coast.

A large team of people helped make this particular episode of Steven Universe. Hilary Florido and Lauren Zuke wrote and storyboarded the episode. Ki-Yong Bae and Sue Hong Kim directed animation, Jasmin Lai was the art director, and Kat Morris acted as supervising director.

The episode posed development for Peridot, showing that she did in fact have powers. This fact was up for debate for some time as she was never previously shown to summon a gem weapon like the others. It also shows her having developed continually as a character, interacting with Steven in what she views as an amicable manner (by answering “wow, thanks” upon receiving gifts). She is also equally intent on friendships, showing how far she’s come in her redemption arc. Fans can only presume that in episodes to follow, Peridot will continue to grow and flourish as an ever growing character and a fandom favourite in Steven Universe.