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Singer Confirms The Wolverine III Big Bad

Singer Confirms The Wolverine III Big Bad


If you stuck around for the last few minutes of Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse then you might recognise some of the images below. Many fans wondered whether we were looking at hints for Wolverine III or another X-Men movie!

Now those last moments have been confirmed by Singer with the digital release of X-Men: Apocalypse in commentary feature. Take another look at the stills below:

Something Sinister This Way Comes…

Weapon X might be a little obvious; it refers to the infamous government genetic research facility project responsible for Wolverine’s adamantium fused bones. If you haven’t brush up on your Marvel trivia though then Essex Corp. might stump you. It does in fact return to one of the most infamous individuals in the Marvel universe; Nathan Essex aka Mister Sinister. Supervillain, demonic genius and all round evil doer, Sinister believes morals have no place in the pursuit of knowledge and sciences. With a particular obsession for genetics and evolution, Sinister has dipped in and out of the X-men stories over the years and now he’s back!

Singer has confirmed that the villain for Wolverine III will be Mister Sinister himself but the speculation doesn’t stop there! Sinister’s appearance has everyone asking who will play the mad scientist and has Richard E. Grant’s casting back in April anything to do with the character? We’re going to have to wait and see!

Wolverine III is scheduled for release March 2017.

Source, CinemaBlend