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Must Have It – Dan & Phil Go Outside

Must Have It – Dan & Phil Go Outside


Anyone who knows me is well aware I have a super soft spot for Youtubers Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. Those who know me even better know that I am super impatient when waiting for new material from them. Their new project, Dan & Phil Go Outside is no exception.

Just under a month ago, Dan Howell announced a new book on his twitter.

The book is composed of candid photos the two have taken while on their tour, ‘The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire’. Complete with notes to catch you up with all the details of their world adventure.

The boys have already taken their tour through Britain, the U.S and Australia and they promise to announce more dates soon. *cough* Ireland *cough*Dan & Phil Go Outside

Dan & Phil Go Outside is currently available for preorder, ready to ship in November. Also! If you order from the Dan & Phil shop you get a page marker of the two in pixel form.

Even cooler, if you order from the book’s official website, you can customise the cover.

Just stay patient for the next two months as you wait to see all the glorious snaps that are sure to be inside. While you wait, you could just marathon all their videos because who needs responsibilities?