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Lazy Anime Day – Geeky Goodies

Lazy Anime Day – Geeky Goodies


We all get those lazy anime days where we sit around in our pyjamas, hair sticking straight up (which you secretly like, because it makes you feel like an anime character yourself) with half eaten packets of sweets strewn around you. On this depressing Monday, a lazy anime day would be heaven!

Sometimes they’re totally unplanned and you get completely engrossed in a manga you’d long forgotten about, or an anime you just recently found or even one you’ve seen a hundred times over – this week The Arcade wants all you anime fans to plan your lazy anime day for this weekend!

Here are some awesome geeky goodies we found that are absolute essentials for a lazy anime day:

Totoro socks


You can’t possibly deal with cold tootsies during an anime binge sesh. You’re not a savage! Make sure you cover up with these adorable Totoro socks.

Japanese jersey


You probably won’t change out of your jammies from the night before, but it’s autumn now folks! You can’t get away with an ArcadeCon 2013 t-shirt, you need a warm fluffy sweatshirt to keep the gooseflesh at bay! We’re loving this awesome ‘Hai’ crewneck sweater from Etsy – perfect for a cosy anime day.

Dragonball kimono robe


If you simply must get out of bed to get another cuppa tae or grab more sweets, throw on this Dragonball kimono robe and strut through your kitchen feeling like one of the most powerful badasses in the universe. You might get a few looks from family members, but sure you’re probably used to that at this stage!

Pikachu cozy


There’s nothing worse than being warm and cozy and feeling the cold drip of condensation onto your blanket. You might be thirsty, but you don’t have to deal with a freezing cold tin of Coke without the power of a Pikachu cozy to save the day!

Howl’s candle


It might be cozy in the room you’re bingeing anime in, but it can get stuffy too! Make sure to keep the room smelling sweet with this gorgeous Howl’s Moving Castle scented candle.

What are your essentials for a lazy anime day? Let us know in the comments!