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Kpop Weekly Recommendations – Beam Us Up!

Kpop Weekly Recommendations – Beam Us Up!


Annyeong Arcadians! This week we decided to join in on the fun of celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek by bringing you Kpop videos from space! It was only logical. We have stars, planets, robots and aliens all lined up for you, so make sure to check out these videos!

Watch out Captain Kirk, the Cosmic Girls have a secret to tell you. The girls pine for the man who stole their heart, even while flying through an asteroid field! The MV itself has some stunning visuals, make sure to check it out!

ARM THE TORPEDOS! …with the members of VIXX? Watch as VIXX are fired into space, and crash land on a mysterious planet. Dance along with them under the moon!

Girls Generation claim to be number 1 in the galaxy! You will have stars in your eyes watching this futuristic commerical song. Yep, thats right, this also doubles as an ad for those jeans! (But we much prefer those sci-fi style dresses, am I right?!)

Now check out our favourite aliens, Matoki from Mato planet! The members are waking up from stasis to show off their power! Join B.A.P in their fight against the powers that be, to create a new world order!

Kpop Ireland’s Favourite

Kwangyeon from the band LEDapple falls in love with a cybernetic woman in this next video. But while the band performs, in what can only be described as a transporter room, a jealous crew member poisons his android love! But of course, her plan backfires as now he spends even more time rebuilding his robot! Typical! The band also rocks out in some awesome Tron-esque outfits towards the end. Definitely worth a watch!

Do you know any other space or sci-fi themed Kpop songs? Let us know in the comments!