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‘Killer Queen’ – Queen – Track Of The Day

‘Killer Queen’ – Queen – Track Of The Day


My choice for track of the day today, holds a special place in my heart. It is my favourite song of all time in fact. ‘Killer Queen’ by Queen.


‘Killer Queen’ is track two from Queen‘s 1974 album Sheer Heart Attack and aside from their magnum opus ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, may very well be Queen‘s best song in my humble opinion.

This song is brimming with Freddie Mercury‘s signature gravitas and swagger as he sings to us about a high class call girl, while throwing in some pop culture and historical references for good measure.

The song features such memorable lyrics as:

“To avoid complications she never kept the same address. In conversation she spoke just like a baroness”.

“Drop of a hat she’s as willing as playful as a pussy cat.”

But it is not only Freddie Mercury‘s vocal performance and lyrics that make this song stand out. Brian May‘s guitar solo from ‘Killer Queen’ is an absolute masterpiece. Technical excellence whilst still being a perfect fit for the song.