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Remember The Kayak Bear? – Viral Video

Remember The Kayak Bear? – Viral Video


For years, funny animal videos have been regaled as the pinnacle of internet humour. There have been thousands of video compilations starring cats falling off things. If you get your chuckles from listening to autotuned dogs barking then you’ll find hours of joy on Youtube.

The epitome of humour

Animals have a cute factor coupled with a silly factor that makes their hilarity endearing. It’s something typical human slapstick comedy doesn’t usually achieve.

I, like anyone, love animal videos. I go on to Youtube to search for a specific thing and three hours later I’m on my fifth informative sloth video. But one in particular a few months ago caught my eye. This video stars a bear, a kayak, and an overwrought woman trying to reason with said bear.

Kayak Bear

The video begins with the woman thanking the bear for, so far, not harming her or her kayak. It’s unclear how exactly the woman ended up in a scuffle with the bear in the first place. However, instead of moving to safety, she elects to pepper spray the bear. This, of course, does nothing but divert its route to where she has left the kayak. She proceeds to become more and more distressed, crying at the bear to leave her kayak alone. Her continued attempts to reason with the bear are only made more uproarious by the bear’s complete disregard for her screaming as it nonchalantly tips the boat over. My personal favourite line in the video has to be “It’s the end of September, why are you here? You’re supposed to be asleep!”.

How would you react to a bear breaking your kayak? Let us know in the comments below!