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We Just Want Those Powers – Otaku Digest

We Just Want Those Powers – Otaku Digest


Welcome Otakus to the latest instalment of Otaku Digest. It has only just hit me that it’s September, can someone please find May and ask it where it went? Not only has the real summer come and gone but even now the summer season is drawing to a close. Have you been keeping up to date? Any titles worth mentioning or you would like to see covered by one of us in our Otaku Review? We want to know.

For this week’s Otaku Digest we are diving into anime that display great feats of power. Super powers aren’t unique to just anime but anime creators take them to a whole new level.  This is shown in both creativity and just the sheer power levels they can have. So this week we take a look at some of the powers I think surpass the rest.

#3 Clone Jutsu/Sharingan – Naruto

These are two amazing powers that just happen to be in the same series. Itachi's_SharinganAlthough I am not the biggest fan of the Naruto franchise even I cannot deny that these powers are amazing. Naruto itself is full of amazing jutsu and techniques that could have their very own lists. But nothing stands out as much as these Clone Jutsu and Sharingan.

Really shadow clone jutsu is only getting a honourable mention here as Sasuke’s sharingan is far superior. The shadow clone jutsu however is a power we would love to have for completely selfish reasons. What would you do if you could spawn clones of yourself? Send them off to work, so you can stay in bed of course. An amazing idea for those cold winter months.

In reality however the Sharingan is the superior power of these two just simply by its power level alone. The power allows users (depending on the tomoe) different abilities. For example the most simple being that the user can see the flow of chakra in a persons body. A more convenient one is the part that puts a foe into a state of hypnosis where they believe the world that the sharingan has created for them. The Uchiha are a lucky clan, too soon?

#2 Super Saiyan/Spirit Bomb – Dragonball

tumblr_n9chluoQ4d1ri4ix8o1_r1_500This, again is not cheating since they really do go hand in hand when it comes to the Dragonball franchise. I do think the only downside to becoming a super saiyan would be that you would be very hoarse. There is a hilarious amount of screaming in this series compared to any other. Hello super strength and powers but good bye voice.

No big shocking reveal on this one except with becoming a super saiyan you instantly become one of the most powerful beings in the world and of course there is the most important aspect to having this power. Some unbelievably gravity defying awesome blonde locks of hair, women everywhere will be jealous forever. Obviously fans of the series will know that the spirit bomb is Goku’s ultimate attack but he was originally taught it by King Kai. Although this is not really a power you can use every day or even at all since it is so destructive but going hand in hand with being a super saiyan it is worth it.

#1 Alchemy –  Fullmetal Alchemist

No shock in this choice what so ever. Ever since I watched the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime I have been giphyobsessed with the idea of alchemy. I also realise that this may not be the most wow or spectacular anime powers out there but to me it is just that. Alchemy takes time and real thought to perfect, you need to know exactly what you are doing or things can go horrible wrong. The anime showed us so many aspects of alchemy and how it can be used. Of course the aspects we liked are those used by the state alchemists where it has essentially given each of them their own super power for example Mustang controlling fire. Again these powers are not just a handy thing, users must understand the concept of what they are doing while also thinking about equivalent exchange.

Perhaps this power stands out to me since it is possibly the most realistic power that you could imagine in the real world. Anything can be created from anything but to create it something else of equal value must be sacrificed.

Did I miss an anime power you think was worth mentioning? Let us know!