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JordeeKai – Player Select September 2016

JordeeKai – Player Select September 2016


JordeeKai is an Irish cosplayer, vlogger and gamer known for her infectious enthusiasm, creativity and her sense of humour.

Her time and experience on the Irish convention and cosplay scene has earned her the experience and knowledge to hone her craft. With an active following across social media, JordeeKai has garnered a strong following at home and abroad.

With regular updates ranging from quick snapshots of works in progress, cosplay makeup tests to her latest videos; she not only offers a unique insight on the past-time but her perspective is pretty catching. Not ashamed to share her own bloopers and mistakes, she presents a brilliantly positive and upbeat look on cosplay, the convention scene and the geek community in general.

Perhaps best known for her Joker and Psylocke cosplays, JordeeKai is steadily adding to her catalogue of characters and looks. Check out just some of our favourites from her work below:

To keep up to date with JordeeKai and see what she’s got planned make sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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