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Most Delicious Looking Anime Food – Otaku Digest

Most Delicious Looking Anime Food – Otaku Digest


Welcome one and all to the latest instalment of Otaku Digest. Here we take a look at all things anime, manga and otaku related things. Whether you are the full blown otaku or the social anime watcher then there could be something here for you. Keeping it light here and just looking at some of the stand out aspects of otaku culture.

Recently we have been looking at characters, their traits in anime and anime that have been long since forgotten from our after school watching days. However today we are going to toss things up in the air and flip that pancake. Anime and actually Japan are known for such weird and wonderful things but there is something that always stands out and makes our mouths water in anime, the food.

I am aware that most dishes in anime can be recreated in real life but it will never look as good as it does in the anime. So this week we are going to look at some of the most appetising dishes that have graced our screens and made us want to hop a plane and get to Japan.

4. Takoyaki/Soba


So there is a tie here realistically just because in real life a person may not want to chow down on some chewy octopus. Takoyaki is typically a street food served at venders. They are chewy pieces of octopus in ball-shaped batter which are usually topped with a special sauce and seaweed flakes. Not the most appetising thing for those of us who dislike seafood but somehow seeing it on anime makes me want to try some of those little octopus’ balls of delight.

I only really give Soba an honorary mention here because realistically we can get it in many good Japanese restaurants but it is another dish that is often showcased in anime. Traditionally served in the new year as Toshikoshi Soba which means from one year to the next. A tradition noodle often served with meat and sauce, not a huge too it but delicious all the same.

3. Omurice


One of the most noticeable foods from anime. A simple idea and classed a fun food in Japan where an omelette is folded over fried rice. A popular item ordered in Japanese cafes where customers will ask the waitresses and waitors to draw cute things, names or words on top of their omurice in ketchup.

Again another very simple food in reality that could be made but it will never look like it does in the anime we love. This is just a super cute dish that from what I have seen is mainly used in romance and cute anime to woo a character. Simple idea of rice and omelette but the idea is so cute is has earned its place on the list of foods we would love to have.

2. Taiyaki/Melon Bread


I am not cheating again here realistically since both these are baked goods, sort of. Probably the most notable of these that otaku’s would recognise most is Taiyaki. This is a fish shaped Japanese cake which is made by baking pancake batter into the fish shaped mold and then filled with red bean paste or other sweet cake fillings. They are most notable since they are usually filled with the traditional red bean paste. Again you can get renditions of this food around the world but it never seems as good as it does in the anime world.

Another baked item here which in short is just a delicious looking baked treat. Not called melon bread because of its flavour it is actually for how it resembles a cantaloupe. A delicious cookie dough layer is wrapped around the dough while also having an unusual unique flavour.

1. Ramen


No surprise here really is there? From that very first episode of Naruto you wanted to chow down on a hot steamy bowl of ramen. For anyone who does not know what this big bowl of delicious is it is a noodle soup dish which can be served in many variations depending on what you like. Chicken, beef, seafood or vegetarian usually with a bowled egg served in it.

Yes ramen is widely available in Japanese restaurants but I do not know about you I have never had a bowl of ramen served to me in the way it is presented in anime. Topped beautifully with the added ingredients every time I see this dish on the screen it makes my mouth water.

Did I miss a anime delicacy? Let me know in the comments!