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Whachu Doin’ This Week… Declan?

Whachu Doin’ This Week… Declan?


What am I doing you ask? Well aside from fighting life or death battle with manflu; you mean? This weekend I’m going to be playing catch up in a big way! To say that I’ve let things slip is putting it mildly! I didn’t even know the Overwatch Summer Games were on until they were all but over! Who care’s though Lucio Ball probably sucked… I bet!

My lapse in all things gaming and comic books has gotten out of hand! Just look at this stack of unread comics:

So my weekend is going to be spent catching up on the torrent of comics that I’ve amassed regarding Civil War II. I’ve been hooked on the whole arc since it’s launch and I’ve been on the edge of my seat with each new development. Originally I was a little bored of Ulysess but now I’m getting a little scared as the tensions between Inhuman and Mutant come to a boil. Super excited/scared to see just what Inhumans VS X-Men will bring later in the year!

On top of that I’ve still to catch up on all those Steven Universe episodes! Do you’ve any idea how hard it is to edit a review of an episode and face all those spoilers?

I mentioned Overwatch above and that’s certainly going to be getting a look in this weekend however I’ve just picked up Beyond Good And Evil HD on Xbox One. I’m stoked to give the adventure a go all over again. Putting those aside I’ve also convinced myself to download and install Guild Wars 2 all over again but this time it will be totally different… I swear! I promise my first character won’t be a Sylvari. Okay that’s too hard! At the very least I promise I won’t create a Sylvari Elementalist… maybe!

Lastly I’ve picked up a few new boardgames thanks a recent Reddit Gift Swap so I’ll be devoting a little time to formulating strategies and familiarising myself with the rules!

What about you? What have you got in store for the weekend? Let us know in the comments below!