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Style Saturday – Enchanting Evil

Style Saturday – Enchanting Evil


One of the most anticipated movies of the year has come out and reviews are mixed. Some loved it, mostly DC fans, while some weren’t so kind, going as far as describing it as a “hot mess”. Harley Quinn’s big screen debut (lets face it, we’re all only going to see it because of Harley Quinn) may have been somewhat of a flop, but love it or hate it, we can’t deny that Suicide Squad has one of the boldest aesthetics in mainstream cinema right now.

For this week’s Style Saturday, we’re going to look at two of the girls who help make up the Squad.


Possibly the greatest thing about her look is the fact they took Cara DeLevigne’s signature away from her: her eyebrows. This model/ actress rose to the top of the fashion industry due to her boldly hairy friends and she’s now stripped from them. To compensate for the lack of brows (which can be hidden with some heavy duty concealer on a spooly) her eyes are accentuated with a muddy mess of black smeared goodness. This isn’t just some basic grunge eye, though, the black also outlines what would normally be the bags under the eyes. Having that traced out makes for a super gaunt and creepy look.


In the movie, her contouring is done with what seems to be mud, but we can skip that and just use some pretty dark browns and grays to sculpt out our cheekbones.

Harley Quinn

Truly the center of attention, and raison d’etre of this movie, Dr. Harleen Quinzel steals the show with her bright colors and somewhat controversial outfit. Her mismatched, smudged makeup is instantly iconic and will probably be remembered and mimicked for years to come.

If you want to replicate it yourself, you can check out this tutorial for some good tips and tricks of the trade.

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