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Steven Universe S3 Ep 8 ‘Mr. Greg’ – Review

Steven Universe S3 Ep 8 ‘Mr. Greg’ – Review


The eighth episode of season three of ‘Steven Universe‘ was released on July 19th. ‘Mr. Greg’ was the third episode to be aired of this summer’s special bomb of Steven Universe episodes. Not only is ‘Mr. Greg‘ a much needed elaboration on the end of ‘Drop Beat Dad,’ but it is also the long awaited musical episode. Almost the entirety of the episode is told through song.

Plot Point

The episode begins with Greg revealing that a burger joint is using his song for advertising and that this is where the money came from. Him and Steven ponder how they could spend the money through song. Greg doesn’t see much use for the money seeing as Steven is everything he wants. Steven, however, suggests they could use it to go on vacation. The music tempo immediately changes as Greg suggests they go to Empire City. The two hurriedly pack everything they need for the trip. Then, to both Pearl and Greg’s surprise, Steven announces that they should bring Pearl too.

Steven Universe - Mr. Greg

In Empire City, the trio quickly find themselves at a swanky hotel. The desk clerk isn’t interested in them until Greg reveals that he’s a ‘Bazillionaire’ and Steven drops a wad of cash on the desk. Then the staff immediately treat them like the finest guests, offering them fancy food and a penthouse suite. Pearl eventually relaxes, allowing Steven and Greg to put her in a tailor made suit. She’s even happy dancing with Steven until Greg offers to dance with her. She promptly refuses and cuts off the song as she leaves.

When Steven and Greg are sleeping, Pearl comes in, taking a rose from the bedside table. She starts to sing about her feelings towards Greg and Rose’s relationship, which Steven wakes up during. The song delivers a heartfelt account of her feelings towards Rose and how she perceives Rose choosing Greg over her. She determines that it’s over due to this and Rose being gone, commenting that she must be there for Steven. The song ends with her throwing the rose off the balcony and coming back inside to realise Greg had been awake. He leaves, visibly upset.

Pearl comments that she shouldn’t have come while Steven reassures her that this is the exact reason he wanted her there. They go downstairs to where Greg is eating cherries at the bar. He and Pearl exchange awkward stances but don’t offer conversation. Steven decides to convince them to open up through singing “why don’t you talk to each other?” He tells them that they both have a lot in common, even if they don’t realise it. Both of them are still coping with the loss of Rose but also they both love Steven. They discuss what happened with Pearl admitting that she never hated him. It was simply that Rose loved him. The two finally decide to dance, to the joy of the cheering staff. Finally, the trio leave Empire City with a better sense of togetherness and Steven comments “it’s over, isn’t it?”


The ten minute episode contained eight tracks. Rebecca Sugar composed many of the songs in the episode herself, as she often does. Jeff Liu co-composed ‘Don’t Cost Nothing.’ The tracks featured in the episode were as follows:

  • ‘Like a Burger’
  • ‘Don’t Cost Nothing’
  • ‘Empire City’
  • ‘Mr. Greg’
  • ‘It’s Over Isn’t It?’
  • ‘Both of You’
  • ‘Don’t Cost Nothing (Reprise)’
  • ‘Empire City Theme (Instrumental)’. 

This episode of Steven Universe is the final one storyboarded by Joe Johnston. He had many things to say about it in a tumblr post. What’s interesting is the differences between the final scene and the storyboard animatic. Although they are slight, there are clear mood changes at certain points. When Pearl says that she must be there for Steven, she is clearly emotional, closing her eyes and looking to the side. In the storyboard animatic, however, she looks more pensive or at least not as passioned. The same goes for the frames just before she throws the rose in the air. In the released clip, she still looks visibly upset or even angry at how Rose chose Greg. In the storyboard, she looks far more resigned, like she’s finally accepted the fact that it truly is over.

This episode marks a turning point for Pearl’s character arc and possibly Greg’s too. Now that they are on friendlier terms, there is nothing stopping them from turning to each other for support. They both have suffered the same loss and would benefit from discussing how it impacts them further. Perhaps we’ll see more Greg and Pearl interactions in future episodes of Steven Universe. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.