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Noragami – Otaku Review

Noragami – Otaku Review


Since I’m terrible at catching up and staying up to date with the newest anime series, I’ve decided to take a look at one of my favourite series.

For this week’s Otaku Review, I’ll be taking a look at Noragami. The anime series is listed as a “supernatural, action, comedy, romance.” That’s a lot for one anime. Although, I must say it is one of the most hilarious and compelling anime series I’ve seen in a very long time!

 Confess Them All

The plot follows the existence of gods and their involvement in the human world. Yato is an almost unknown god with no followers. This is dangerous for a god because they need followers to remain alive and remembered. Yato wishes to distance himself from his old position as a minor god of calamity and war. He does this in the hopes of doing something good and to acquire a shrine and followers of his own.

When a human, Hiyori Iki meets Yato, an accident makers her soul constantly slip from her body. She hires Yato to solve this issue for his usual price of five yen.

As the story progresses, we learn more of Yato’s dark past with the famous God of War, Bishamon and his former Regalia (weapon), Nora.

Yato hires Yukine, a young and powerful Regalia with a sad past which drives his anger and rebellion against Yato. Although Yukine changes his ways in a heartwarming and dramatic scene, to stop hurting Yato. Together, Yato and Yukine defeat corrupted spirits named “phantoms” to protect the human world. In the meantime, a special bond forms between Yato and Hiyori, the likes of which Yato has never experienced before.

No Such Thing As A Free Wish

The concept of this anime is great and interesting. The world is unique and the story is very immersive. The characters and their dynamic with one another are really the driving force in this show and is almost more fun to watch than the overall plot. I adore characters with dark and mysterious pasts and this anime handles it very well, with Yato and Yukine both having experienced hardship and uniting in their pain.

The humour is one of the best parts of the entire anime, Hiyori’s introduction to the existence of gods is hilarious and brings about a great scene between Hiyori and Yato in her home – enough said, I think. Yato is ridiculous, hyperactive and, at times, a little creepy but it really drives his character along. One downfall is in Hiyori’s character. She has an annoying habit of falling into the typical female anime character trope. Her actions and motives are driven mainly by the male characters around her, particularly Yato. Having said that, she does have some redeeming moments of her own as the series progresses. All hope is not lost however, as Bishamon is one of the strongest characters in the series and kicks ass wherever she goes – it’s only a pity she wants to kill Yato at any chance she can get.

The development between the characters enhances the excitement of the series. Everyone bounces off each other in a good way that leads to some real feel-good moments. This parallels with a variety of crushing and depressing moments that leaves you with a real connection with the characters.

Worth the Five Yen?

I believe this anime is worth whatever you could give it! I’m not a great lover of the romance genre, particularly in anime since it usually feels forced but any romance in the series isn’t rushed. The relationship is still slowly building!

Noragami has a great opening song that I downloaded instantly and listen to constantly. The art style is perfect to tie in the overall feel of the anime.

All in, Noragami is a great series to binge-watch. It’s difficult to turn away from as each episode ends with a sudden cliffhanger. I live for Yato’s badass moments when he gives into his darker side, in an unexpected turn to his character’s introduction. I’d definitely recommend giving Noragami a watch!