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New Pokemon Sun & Moon Trailer Reveals New Pokemon

New Pokemon Sun & Moon Trailer Reveals New Pokemon


The Pokémon Co have released their next trailer for the highly anticipated Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon and once again, they did not disappoint.

We already covered the brand new Alolan forms , but the trailer also has some amazing new footage featuring the new substitute to badge quests: The Rite of Passage.

The Island Challenge

Each island in the Alola region will have its own trial which budding trainers will have to complete. These trials consist of completing a series of tasks assigned by the island’s trial captain: Kiawe, Sophocles, Mallow or Lana.

The trainer will also have to bear a Totem Pokémon. Totem Pokémon are slightly larger than regular Pokémon of their species, and in the intense battles they will b able to call for the help of ally Pokémon to battle against you. Totem Pokémon receive special stat boosts at the commencing of the battle making them an even greater challenge if you are unprepared.

As if that is not enough, the four Islands are each guarded by deities one of which is Tapu Koko who we saw previously. These deities pick a suitable leader for the Islands known as the Kahuna who is then responsible for governing the island.


Hala is the Kahuna of Melemele island. Responsible for giving you your starter Pokémon he is also the grandfather of your rival in the game; Hau.

New Features

Some other enhanced features in the game include the addition of more ridable Pokémon. Charizard, Mudsdale, Stoutland, Tauros, Sharpedo and Lapras have all been confirmed as ridable this generation.

Another huge addition comes in the form of the brand new Z-moves. A special move that can be used once per battle. The trainer is required to wear a Z-Bracelet, and the Pokémon must carry one of 18 different Z-Crystals (One for each type). The Pokémon is then able to unleash one of 18 powerful Z-moves then depending on the crystal it holds. There is only one Z-Move per-type with the following already confirmed:

  • Electric – Gigavolt Havoc
  • Fire – Inferno Overdrive
  • Water – Hydro Vortex
  • Grass – Bloom Doom

New Pokemon

If you would like to see some more of the previously released Pokémon, be sure to check out our gallery.