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Classic Pokemon Receive New Alolan Forms In Sun & Moon

Classic Pokemon Receive New Alolan Forms In Sun & Moon


Every new generation of Pokemon, brings with it a plethora of exciting new changes. The Seventh Generation has been no exception to this. Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon have seemingly turning the highly recycled game format on its head for the first time.

Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon have not only substituted the standard ‘Badge Quest’ for a new “Rite of Passage’ quest. But some of the original Pokémon will now receive some new forms and typings.

Alolan Vulpix & Ninetales


In the Alola region, the climate and habitat of Vulpix & Ninetales have resulted in them becoming Ice type Pokémon. Upon evolution Ninetales even gains the Fairy typing making it one tough Dragon slayer. The Alolan Vulpix has the Snow Cloak ability which increases it’s evasion during the hail weather condition. It remains to be seen however if Ninetales will gain access to the Snow Warning as it’s fire cousin has Drought. Two abilities which activate hail and sunshine respectively as the Pokémon enters the battle.



Alolan Exeggutor


The tropical atmosphere of the Alolan islands has done wonders for Exeggutor. It’s Alolan form has grown to extraordinary new heights, even sprouting a new fourth head which controls its tail.

While its Exeggcute form remains the same as in other regions, upon evolving in Alola, Exeggutor gains the Dragon typing and the frisk ability so it can see what items the opponent has attached. It’s huge ice weakness may be a setback in competitive play, especially with the Alolan Ninetales and Sandslash on the scene. Perhaps some interesting attacks and a nice stat spread might make this Alolan high riser, a contender in battles.

Alolan Sandshrew & Sandslash


Due to the weight of their Icy bodies, the Alolan Sandshrew and Sandslash are slower than their ground type cousins. Boasting a brand new type combo, this duo are great counters for both dragon and fairy types. Their reduced speed is balanced out by the fact that their new tougher hides offer them more of a defensive bulk. Like the Alolan  Vulpix and Ninetales, this duo also have the Snow Cloak ability which increases their evasiveness while in hail.



With the reveal of these Pokémon, some previous rumours over the past few months regarding the games now may actually have some legs. One such rumour revealed that Ratatta and Raticate would be dark types in Alola, Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam would be fighting types, Nidoking & Nidoqueen would be Poison/Fighting types, Butterfree would be Bug/Psychic, Growlithe & Arcanine would be Water types and Doduo & Dodrio would be Flying/ Fighting types. While these rumours now make more sense than they would have a few months ago, they are still just rumours until confirmed true.

It may be also worth noting that the official site describes the Fire type Trial Captain Kiawe as having a Marowak. Could this mean we will see a Fire type Marowak at some stage too?

“Kiawe is a captain whose expertise is in Fire-type Pokémon. Together with his Marowak, he studies the traditional dances that have been passed down in the Alola region.”

To see more new Pokémon, be sure to check out the latest trailer and BRAND NEW Alola Pokémon also revealed, and let us know which of these new Alolan forms is your favourite so far!