Home Books 15 Biggest Twists in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child *Spoilers Ahead*
15 Biggest Twists in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child *Spoilers Ahead*

15 Biggest Twists in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child *Spoilers Ahead*


Now that the press embargo has officially lifted and at least half the world can read the screenplay, we can finally talk about those surprise details we learned while in the West End last month! Those of you who are still reading, do not read any further as many spoilers are ahead! Those of you who have seen/read the play let us know in the comments what you predicted, what you enjoyed and what you didn’t!

Albus Severus is a Slytherin

Okay, some of us saw this coming a mile off. It’s revealed only a few pages into the screenplay. JK got a lot of stick for very few diverse Sytherin characters and James teases Al about it in the epilogue. The point is that its been nineteen years; opinions may have not changed much but Slytherin has.

There’s a Rumour Voldemort Has a Child

This one knocked the wind out of some. Again, this is revealed very early on. People had fan theories about this but it didn’t seem realistic before. Surely Voldemort is more nose slit than human and procreation needs some level of humanity. Also this is only presented as a rumour so no biggie. But it does impact upon poor Scorpius who is at the centre of the latest rumour.

Scorpius Malfoy Isn’t an Absolute Jerk

Scorpius is singularly the greatest hope for Slytherin as a house. He has the sweetness and wit of Hufflepuff! From the first meeting of Scorpius and Albus it’s clear he’s different from his father. It’s also clear that the change of mood in the wizarding world is a great help to his personality development. All of the shipping is welcome – i’m team Scorpus, or Alpius or whatever for sure!

Harry Doesn’t Have the Best Relationship with His Kid

Many psychology majors would have guessed at this. Harry’s emotional issues make parenting troubling. Especially when Albus is so much like his father. Same reckless idiocy. He’s a mini-Harry for stubbornness about dealing with emotions. Same temper. Harry has no frame of reference for fatherhood but still, all was supposedly well.

All the Time Turners Were Not Destroyed

The Battle of the Department of Mysteries, as it is now laboriously named, did not end the existence of time turners. The Department of Magical Law Enforcement has found one in a raid on Theodore Nott’s house. This does not look good for that rumour and thus Albus and Scorpius’ friendship!

Hermione is Minister for Magic

We all knew this witch was destined for great things, but the head of the entire wizarding parliament in 22 years? Baffling. There are many happy campers in the audience at this part, not just because we love Hermione but because it shows the world has moved truly beyond muggle born prejudice. It also means we get to see Hermione boss Harry around about his paperwork. Classic!

Harry’s Scar Starts Hurting Again

What happened to this ‘Harry’s scar hadn’t hurt in nineteen years’ business? Voldy is long mouldy so why’s it hurting? This is quite an unsettling part of the play. In fact any of Harry’s weird dream sequences are a bit creepy and the fact his scar is hurting gives even more credence to the ‘Voldemort is a babydaddy’ notion.

The Trolley Witch is Super Old and Awesome

Not necessarily a twist, but by Merlin that woman is ancient! She’s been working the Hogwarts express two days a year since the Statute of Wizarding Secrecy – how does she live on that wage and does she survive on treats from the trolley? Albus and Scorpius are trying to leave the train to pursue time change when this lady stops short of samurai action in stopping them leave.

Albus and Scorpius Change Time Part 1

My, my, Albus how silly like your father you are. Changing time to try and save Cedric Diggory – even Harry ‘one-spell’ Potter would not be that horrendously stupid. But Albus is and thinks he’s done good; until he realises he’s broken up the best couple in literature and broken the hearts of fans worldwide. Due to the fact he’s impersonated a Durmstrang and steals Cedric’s wand, Hermione mistrusts Victor and an essential chain of events does not happen, leaving Hermione and Ron apart! This part of a plot is a bit weak, but not hard to believe a son of Harry would be so idiotic. Also happening in this section is centaurs leading Harry further down the garden path against Scorpius by mentioning a ‘dark cloud’ hanging round Al.

Al and Severus Change Time Part 2 – For Voldermort and Valour

If splitting up Ronoine wasnt enough to make you scream at Al Potter, their second attempt to fix things makes things even worse. This was perhaps the most shocking part of the play and happened right before the end of Part 1. In this version of events Harry died at the Battle of Hogwarts and Deatheaters rule.

Cedric Lives But Becomes a Death-eater

In this horrible new scenario mentioned above, Al and Scorpius change more than a few dress codes this time round. If Harry being dead wasn’t enough to startle you, Cedric didn’t die at the Tri-Wizard cup because of time travel, but the humiliation of doing so badly sent him down a dark path. This was another plot point that was a bit naff, but Cedric became a Death-eater and was later responsible for killing Neville!

Snape, Ron and Hermione Die to Save Scorpius

A Weasley dying to save a Malfoy, what is this madness? As Scorpius emerges from the awesome stage lake without his friend he needs to find others in this topsy-turvy world to help him fix time. He enlists Snape, who he knows is actually good, and along with the pretty rubbish resistance team of Ron and Hermione they battle Dementors so that Scorpius can go back to the lake to reset time.

Voldermort May Actually Have a Child

Perhaps one of the least popular parts of the play, a new character Delphie is revealed as the supposed daughter of Voldemort. We return to the questions of the earlier section; would Voldemort be able to or want to make a child? It may be a bit out there but it surely is shocking when Delphi reveals herself as the child of Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange. However, it’s never proven she’s his child. Beyond her rambling and a prophecy written on her wall (not actually found anywhere else) there’s no proof. Plus she’s a bit crazy anyway. The only real things that point to this being true is her strength and Harry’s scar hurting. Plus the idea of cult leaders having children with the cult members.

Albus and Scorpius Timey Wimey Adventure Part 3

In the final adventures of Al and Scorpius, we meet a much younger Lily and James. I’m not sure if this is necessarily a twist per se, but it sure is nice to see Harry’s parents for more than their death scene. Almost shattering this lovely scene is the ridiculously speedy polyjuice potion that’s made in this section.

Harry Has to Let His Parents Die

The most moving part of the play by far (even for those sobbing over Harry’s crying earlier) is when Harry must chose to let time play out as intended. Once the villain of the piece is detained in July 1981 Harry is present as Voldemort enters Godric’s Hollow but as time change is dangerous he must watch as his parents ultimately perish.

Final Scenes

My final note is not a twist so much as a disappointment – Al and Scorpius are just besties. This was the perfect opportunity for making use of a connection that exists, that is not related to fan shipping pandering or serving diversity for the sake of diversity. Scorpius likes Rose, but I’m still holding out for a gay couple!