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Steven Universe Returns From Hiatus In A Couple Of Weeks

Steven Universe Returns From Hiatus In A Couple Of Weeks


Steven Universe is due to come back on July 18. Cartoon Network Canada released this news by posting a new header image on their website, viewable below. The series has been on hiatus since May and fans have been eagerly awaiting new episodes.


Season three of Steven Universe kicked off in May with the release of five new episodes. Super Watermelon Island’ finally ended the drama with Malachite while ‘Gem Drill’ dealt with The Cluster. ‘Same Old World’ and ‘Barn Mates’ brought back fan favourite character Lapis Lazuli. ‘Hit the Diamond’ then brought fans much needed Ruby and Sapphire interaction while introducing a new threat to the gems. Fans also loved ‘Steven Floats,’ which has yet to air anywhere except France.

The episodes will air in ‘Steven Bomb’ form. The first will air on the Monday and there will be one each day at 7pm EST until the Friday. The bomb will start with the official US airing of Steven Floats.‘ This episode starts with Steven arriving back at Beach City only to learn he has some interesting new abilities. It then centres around him learning to use and control these new abilities, with the help of the gems.

On the Tuesday, an episode titled ‘Too Short to Ride’ will air. It will be the seventh episode in the series so far. We know little about the episode so far except that it will star Steven and Peridot. The CN Anything app released a short promo for the episode which shows them interacting. However, there are no noticeable hints towards any possible plot for the episode.


Cartoon Network have not released any other information about the next three episodes in the Steven Bomb yet. It seems though that Steven Universe will resume regular scheduling afterwards. Fans can hopefully look forward to weekly episodes throughout the rest of July and August.