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Preacher S1EP7 ‘He Gone’ Review

Preacher S1EP7 ‘He Gone’ Review


Oh dear… I’m more stumped with each episode of Preacher that goes by. This episode was confusing, but we got some explanations about things from the past and a glimpse of things to come. And it looks like the endgame will be quite messy.

“Till the end of the world.”

We’ve had several episodes without a flashback. I’ve missed those, although not as much as I miss the Cowboy. This week we saw glimpses of what was a pivotal scene of Jesse and Tulip’s childhoods. We knew already that Tulip didn’t have the best childhood so when I saw John Custer taking her in I was relieved.

But then I remembered this isn’t the same John Custer as in the comics. On a previous review I went on a small rant about John Custer but his actions in this episode made me truly hate him. After this week, I don’t care about the character’s death anymore because of the things he’s pulled, although Jesse’s reaction is understandable. But in a way, this raises a question: What’s the deal with Jesse’s mother?

He prays for her this week and that made me realize that she was around in the comics at that stage. Her backstory might be completely different for all we know, so I’m curious about whether that will be explained at some point.

Also, Tulip and Jesse as children were great. And they gave “Till the end of the world” a new context. I hope to see their adult counterparts saying it to each other at some point.

“It’s for me Padre, or will you let me burn too?”

The bulk of the episode involves Jesse’s strange reaction after sending Arseface to Hell. And by strange reaction I mean that he just didn’t care that he did that.

Cassidy saw it, and he tries to talk to Jesse about it but he doesn’t really seem that open to the idea. In fact, Jesse is just pure passive-aggressiveness during this episode. He looks numb and acts like a prick to everyone, which is fairly strange.

So Tulip thinks that cooking dinner for Jesse, Cassidy, Emily and herself will be a good idea, although part of me suspects she wanted to burn the church. The whole resulting scene is hilarious in how awkward it is, even more awkward than that dinner scene in Breaking Bad. Although if we’re honest, I’d like to try some of those vanilla hash browns, maybe they’re good, right?

Although Jesse is less than impressed and lashes out at Tulip, echoing something that daddy dearest said about the O’Hares being problems, which was something disappointing. It also ended up leading to the most dramatic vampirical confession scene I remember, all because of Tulip too. She called Cassidy on his bullshit because he hasn’t really told Jesse and he doesn’t know him that well. All in all, Jesse and Cassidy have been called on their bullshit quite a lot during this episode, and they had that coming.

The whole scene with Jesse and Cassidy made me nervous, especially because we don’t know the aftermath. We do, however, know why Arseface’s face looks like an arse (another reason for not calling him Eugene, I wanted to write a sentence like this) and it was obvious that the Kurt Cobain reason had been out from the start, but I wasn’t expecting this reason in particular.

“We Custers don’t cry. We fight.”

And finally, we’re starting to see Odin Quincannon’s true colours. The ‘Serve God’ thing from a couple of episodes back hasn’t worked that well, or maybe it has? I wouldn’t be surprised if someone as despicable as Quincannon served his own kind of god.

This week he tried to claim Jesse’s church and land. Well, technically he won it and even though Jesse refused it was evident that things were going to go south. And that’s exactly what will happen; shit’s about to hit the fan now!

That’s my scattered thoughts on episode seven. Only three left, so hopefully things will speed up a little now. Next episode looks like a wild one and I hope that’s the case.

PS. As a final thing, I’m showing you this. I met Ruth Negga recently. I was volunteering for the Galway Film Fleadh and bumped into her during the wrap party. I had to tell her she was the best thing in the show and after that she was gracious enough to take a photo with me. That was the highlight of that week.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments!