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Preacher S1EP6 ‘Sundowner’ Review

Preacher S1EP6 ‘Sundowner’ Review


I’m stumped. I’m still thinking “What’s Preacher’s endgame?” after the events of this episode. I don’t know what to make about that ending but it certainly makes things interesting… Anyway, let’s get into it.


Last week we left Jesse at the Flavor Station (where he had been for most of the episode). By the end of it he Fiore and Deblanc joined him, it looked like we were due some explanations. Explanations we got. So now we know about Genesis and what it is.

This whole opening sequence is my favourite part of this episode. There hadn’t been a crazy fight scene since episode two and I missed those. Although that’s an understatement, the fight scene in this episode raised the bar several times. It even had a higher body count, although that’s relative. It also had some slapstick to it, which is always fun. I never thought I’d hear a phrase like the one in the heading above you, and my life’s better now.

That scene was interesting because it involved a seraphim. In the comic book, seraphims weren’t that prominent and seeing one as a threat was cool. Preacher‘s cosmology seems to be quite different to the one in the comics. That raises a lot of questions and I’m not sure how many of them will be answered. I mean, what’s the deal with those phones?

It was also a long scene. About 15 minutes, give or take. It made me think that they had decided to discard the title card for this episode.

“That’s my Tulip.”

I don’t know what the hell Tulip’s endgame is. She goes to Emily’s house, makes a scene, screams “Stay away from my boyfriend” and then bonds with Emily. I’m just a bit confused by this, but it looks like she just might be using the excuse of helping out with the church as an attempt of getting to him. Who knows…

There’s still some kind of tension between them from Emily’s part. She grimaces when Jesse thanks both her and Tulip for their help in helping him organise whatever service he’s trying to do.

I wonder how this is going to play out. Especially because of Cassidy. After an awkward scene in a closet he has realised that Jesse and Tulip were a thing, so he’s in a quite awkward situation. And I’m sure it’ll get worse, because otherwise how would this show go on?

“Consequences, Preacher. Unwelcome, unforeseen consequences”

It’s fine how in past weeks I talked about consequences. This week they finally threatened Jesse with them, and no wonder! Jesse’s been using his Voice all willy nilly thinking he’s just helping people. The angels warn him that he’s been using it a lot and there’ll be consequences, and yet he doesn’t care. But the angels seem to have another option for dealing with him, which horrifies one of them. I’m sure that’s what we’re building towards during this season.

To be blunt, in all his attempts to fix things Jesse’s just fucking them up more. The situation with Odin (and the mayor being in the middle of it too) is the main one. There’s been others, but this week he came pretty close to crossing a line.

I mean, even Cassidy (of all people!) tells him that maybe he shouldn’t use it. But Jesse is reaching peak hubris here. Apparently angels are not worthy of his attention because he only answers to God, and he thinks the Voice might be his way out of that promise.

This all led to an interesting scene with Arseface. Of all the people to call Jesse up on his bullshit, Arseface was the last one on my list. And yet it made perfect sense, he should be happy because people are nice to him now, but it doesn’t feel right and realises things shouldn’t be that way. His entire scene with Jesse is amazing because it shows how deep Jesse’s pride goes and how far he’d go. At least until the “Oh shit” moment at the very end.

While I enjoyed this episode, I think the pacing was a bit irregular. The rest of the episode couldn’t keep up the pace with that great beginning, but it was still another solid hour of TV that left me wanting for more. Only four more episodes of Preacher to go!