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Let’s Take An Otaku Road Trip – Otaku Digest

Let’s Take An Otaku Road Trip – Otaku Digest


Welcome otakus near and far to the latest instalment of Otaku Digest. Here is where we look at all things otaku from anime characters, manga and otaku culture as a whole. The summer season is in full effect with new anime coming left right and centre. One thing that most comedy anime have is the summer beach episode and this made me think of what people do during their summers.

This being the long weekend here in Ireland what are fellow otakus getting up to? Whether it be heading off on a road trip adventure or sitting and relaxing at home enjoying their three-day weekend. There is one thing this weekend cannot go without and that is some epic anime tunes to rock out too. So this week we are looking at some anime tunes that every otaku playlist needs whether its rocking out on your road trip or just dancing around your room singing at the top of your lunges.

Usually disclaimer applies here as always, the below songs are my opinion for the ultimate otaku playlist. I have definitely left off some epic tunes off this list so I want to know what you would add to this playlist.

4. GO!!! – Naruto

Even if you hate the Naruto anime you have to admit that if this song was to play you cannot help but turn it up and belt it out. This is probably one of the most popular anime openings of all time and again not for the anime that it belonged to.

The fourth opening theme from the massive hit anime GO!!! by Flow. The song it as high energy as you can get with lyrics that make you want to get up. Strike that jump up and GO!!! Naruto has had some of the highest energy and popular openings in anime history but none have had such an impact as GO!!! You may have no idea what the lyrics are in any of the verses (although constant listening can give you the rift) but once that chorus chimes in you sing that at the top of your lunges.


3. Again – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

I realise this is no surprise to anyone that has followed Otaku Digest since I mentioned it back in the top anime openings list. I still feel this is one of the best anime opening to ever air. The opening theme to the fan favourite anime reboot Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, “Again” was performed by Yui as well as the end theme.

The original series had some amazing opening themes but none compared to this mellow number. This score compliments the opening visuals of the opening sequence to perfection. Kicking off with some colourful and innocent imagery the theme is mellow and almost sombre the song builds while the imagery quickly transitions and darkens. The song itself was the perfect complement to kick off this series as it compliments and is a testament to the journey that the Elric brothers embark on. It brings us musically into the anime and also lets us know that we are about to embark on a drama and adventure filled adventure.

2. Tank – Cowboy Bebop

Once again there is no shock here. Tank is one of the most iconic opening themes to a classic anime for any otaku Cowboy Bebop. I have always said this is one of my favourite anime and this opening theme only goes hand in hand with it.

Written by Yoko Kanno and performed by the Seatbelts Tank the opening is an interesting change from the usual anime openings at the time and even now. The usual anime openings are upbeat pop numbers designed to get viewers pumped to watch the series. Tank however was a nice change from the norm. Only featuring a few lines of lyrics the song is mainly a high energy jazz number. The highlights of alto saxophones and bongo drums compliment the double bass perfectly. Given the fact that the opening has so little spoken word it has created one of the most iconic song openings ever.

“I think it’s time to blow this scene.
Get everybody and their stuff together.
OK, three, two, one let’s jam.”


1. “Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen” – Attack on Titan

Let’s be honest, just from seeing this title you began singing at the top of your voice:

“Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger”

There is no surprise that this opening theme tops every list. Attack on Titan exploded onto the anime scene changing it for the foreseeable future and it now one of the most anticipated second seasons next to Ouran High School Host Club (we still hold out hope) also brought us one of the highest energy anime openings.

The song itself is so epic that you cannot help and jump up to it, it manages to mix both german and Japanese while being a clean and progressive song. Performed by Linked Horizon, the track builds from the very beginning and goes from one to ninety in seconds. It is the perfect song to compliment the angst and rage that is in Attach on Titan.