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Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast – Review

Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast – Review


With Pokémon Go dominating the airwaves and statistics showing it has a user base that is rivaling Twitter we can see that mobile gaming can be incredibly popular, especially when related to something iconic. So I would like to take some time to talk about another mobile game released recently, Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast.

The game itself is officially licensed by Iron Maiden and the band members themselves even had a hand in designing the games aesthetics. Legacy Of The Beast is essentially a linear, turn based RPG with a variety of different stages. Each of the stages are separated into currently 4 hub worlds, each containing a number of different levels which house battle encounters. Each of these hub worlds are based on a variety of Iron Maiden album/single covers arts including ‘The Wicker Man’, ‘Powerslave’, ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’ and ‘Number Of The Beast’. I say currently 4 hub worlds, because there is a 5th that is not yet available and possibly more in the future. Given that each hub world contains roughly 8 levels, each with multiple encounters, there is plenty to keep you going for the low, low price that the game costs you…  Nothing. That’s right, this is a free to play game.

Iron Maiden
“The shadow of the Wicker Man is rising up again!”

And for a free to play mobile game, it looks pretty spectacular. The game runs smoothly and all of the surroundings and the character models look sharp and colourful, the vast majority of which paying homage to the bands career, music and artwork in some way. All the while snippets of the bands back catalogue of metal anthems soundtrack the entire game. This keeps the game exciting to play and is a driving force in itself that encourages you to keep playing.

The games plot follows the band’s all-powerful, iconic mascot Eddie as his magical power is taken from him. Now with the help of a mysterious lady named only The Clairvoyant, Eddie must fight his way through a variety of cultists and possessed beings to gather all of the shards of his soul that were taken from his so may once again become whole. As far as plots go, it’s nothing hugely special, but it’s good. It’s got enough of an air of epic proportions, grand prophecies and mystic beings for it to be fitting to scenarios Eddies gets himself into.

And he’s gonna get his soul back, Dammit!

Now onto the gameplay and as I mentioned before this is a turn based RPG. And in that regard it works quite well. The combat involves each member of your party having a basic attack, a power attack and your Eddie has a Fury attack, which is a super powered attack that usually deals tonnes of damage and some status effects. Your normal attacks and power attacks are controlled through tapping at the right time. So for most normal attacks, once you press the button to attack a circle will appear to start closing in around your target, with a smaller circle already around them. By tapping the screen as the two circles overlap you will achieve a Perfect hit, dealing the most damage, and the further off timing your tap you are, the less damage you do. For most power attacks though, it’s all about tapping the screen as rapidly as you can. The more you tap, the better the attack is. All in all, it’s a very easy system to get used to and makes the battles very fast paced as there isn’t too much to think about when taking your turn.

Iron Maiden
“You’ll take my life but I’ll take yours too!”

And like many other RPG’s, this game has customization out the wazoo. By collecting Shards and Gold, you can level up your party to raise their stats and different colour shards will have more of an effect on the different classes of party members, i.e.: Green Shards on Healers, Blue Shards on Spellcasters and Red Shards on Fighters. You gather party members by collecting Souls and throwing them into the Book Of Souls, unlocking a large variety of possible allies including Rock Golems, Owl Cultists, a Possessed Rifle and even a Dark Hourglass! Yes, that is a just a floating hourglass that casts magic, and it’s pretty good at it! Each of your party members can also be equipped with Talismans to raise their stats even more, and these can even be powered up more by using Runes, because your party can never get too buff!

Iron Maiden
Dark Hourglass for best boy.

Understand all that? Because it took me a little while to get my head around everything. This game just loves its collectible items. All of the items mentioned above are gathered by just playing the game and fighting enemies. There is also an in-game shop which uses the in-game currency, Ironite, to buy Souls and Gold. You can also spend cold, hard cash to buy more Ironite, but as you gather it by playing there isn’t much of a need to so this is almost completely unnecessary.

All in all, this is a pretty fun game if you’re a fan of RPG’s and a definite pick up for Iron Maiden fans out there.