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EwTube – Reboot Movie Music

EwTube – Reboot Movie Music


Like it or loath it, reboots, remakes and much later sequels are everywhere. You need only go to your favourite provider of movie news (us, of course!) and consistently listed among the upcoming films is a reboot of a classic or a money-spinning 10 years later sequel. Den of Geek have gone as far as to create a frequently updated list which currently stands at a staggering 107 titles! And with every reboot, comes rebooted movie music for the new venture. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad… Sometimes MC Hammer is involved.


The all-female reboot of Ghostbusters is, thankfully, on the ‘love it’ side of audiences and is getting fairly good reviews amid reports of a planned sequel. It works, but it must be said that the film’s new theme tune leaves something to be desired. Therefore I am starting with the bad side of theme tune music reboots, with hopes that the only way is up. I generally like Fall Out Boy so this was a disappointment. I think it’s very much a case of there being no need to fix what isn’t broken. If you want to witness an attempt at updating the much loved Ghostbusters theme, check it out below.

Jurassic World

Another reboot track that commits iconic theme murder, is the below composition that features in the Jurassic World trailer. It includes some moving instrumentals, sure, but it tears apart the classic John Williams original right towards the end. Anyone old enough to remember the original Jurassic Park movies will tie a certain nostalgia to that one important piece of music where the stars of the film see dinosaurs in all their glory. If Jurassic World wasn’t bad enough to leave you salty, check out the aforementioned track below and it’s original much better counterpart for comparison.


This feature is not solely made to focus on complete reboots, but also on the wacky re-creations of the sounds of your childhood. That is why I must feature the rather confusing rap version of the Digimon Adventures theme tune utilised for the 2000 movie. The original show tune is somewhat electro-enhanced but the theme for the film is a bit out there if I’m being honest. It might have been an attempt to fit in with the new stateside location of the plot but for most it induced only laughter and WTFs in the cinema. For what was to be a particularly good soundtrack, including hits such as Kim Wilde’s ‘Kids in America’ and the quirky ‘One Week’ by The Barenaked Ladies, the theme let the side down. You can check out the modern mess underneath the original below.


Addams Family

Also in the region of WTF is the song that was released to coincide with the movie Addams Family Values. The original theme from the show is catchy and a little bit spooky. The ‘Addams grove’ by MC Hammer is quite different and much a sign of the time in which it was released. It’s got that 90’s cringe-factor written all over it and it’s a bit rubbish if I’m honest. If you want a laugh, check out the official video for the song below the classic original.


One of the better do-overs in terms of the sounds of our childhoods was the Fairy Godmother’s ‘Bibbidy Bobbidi Boo’ in the recent live-action version of the classic Disney movie Cinderella. It stands to reason that the fact they changed very little about the song helped, but although Helena Bonham Carter isn’t exactly Adele she does the song justice. I would say that you still can’t beat the original, however this version comes a close second.


Mad Max

To finish on a high, it’s important to point out that although the original Mad Max films had music written by the wonderful Brian May of Queen, it’s nice that the latest film Fury Road matched its awesome visuals with a similarly awesome sound. The contemporary feel of Junkie XL’s work really worked in this reboot’s favour.  For comparison, the music from the first Mad Max film is below.