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EwTube – Musical Maladies

EwTube – Musical Maladies


There are few more noble endeavours than the musical mashup. The only way to truly improve upon perfection is to blend it with a starkly different perfection and marvel at the marvellous results. The combination of two works of art into a blend of super-art if you will. And like all great works of art, the best of them can be found on Youtube.

Slam Proud

There are so many amazing Quad City DJ’s remixes that I could have done this entire article on them alone (I almost did). So after much quality review I present to you the best video on Youtube. A mashup of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Space Jam. The apotheosis of east-west cultural mixing. The greatest Chinese cartoon collides with the most moving sports biopic ever filmed. But what really sets this mashup apart from all the others is that the creator went to the effort of editing the entire opening and putting NBA players on all the characters. That is commitment to your craft and slightly insane. I love it.

Adweedure Time

If there’s a crossover in the audiences of hit children’s TV show Adventure Time and acquitted murderer Snoop Dogg, it’s 420 enthusiasts. In this video children of all ages can come together to laugh as their favourite cartoon is twisted into a horrific reality where everything has Snoop Dogg’s face. Here’s a fun fact: Snoop never says “Smoke Weed Everyday”. That was Nate Dogg on the track “The Next Episode”, which also featured Snoop and Dr.Dre.

Sound of Smash Mouth

The defining song of a millennium. A haunting melody of failed dreams and the dangers of global warming. They are now one in the same. Allow the sorrow to seep into your very being as your soul peels back to reveal your shattered hopes.

Wake me Up Inside Before you Go Go

It is humanity’s most egregious sin that this video is a mere 30 seconds. Perhaps it is a metaphor for how fleeting our own happiness is. You can only experience it briefly and spend the rest of your days chasing a high you will never again achieve. Because once you reach the peak you can only descend. I present the peak.

Remember the Crew

The hardest rap group this side of The Insane Clown Posse, these OGs demand your respect, and if you don’t give it they will take it. Even the Wu-Tang Clan speaks their names in hushed voices, terrified of retribution should their blasphemy be discovered. People died to release this track to the masses ,finally revealing the members of the infamous terrorist organisation: The DK Crew. Don’t dishonour their sacrifice.

And there you have it. A bunch of stupid mashups that I think are really funny. Enjoy the madness.