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3 Anime Shows That Deserve Another Season – Otaku Digest

3 Anime Shows That Deserve Another Season – Otaku Digest


Welcome one and all to the latest instalment of Otaku Digest. Here we look at all things weird and wonderful in the world of the otaku. Discussing all things anime from new to old, wacky and serious. Anime has so many areas to discuss, usually causing a rift since fans can literally be torn down the middle. There are series you either love or hate and some that you shout like a street preacher about to try and convert those around you.

This week’s discussion is based around the fact that more and more older anime (some not even that old) are being rebooted or continued in a new series or film. Obvious examples are Dragonball, Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica and Tengan Toppan Gurren Lagann. It makes me think about those series that have been overlooked or have been deemed too perfect for another season. So here are my series I feel warrant another season, even if it is just to please the fandoms.

The usual disclaimer, these are my thoughts on the following series, if yours differs and you think a different series should have a new season let us know in the comments.


#3 – Tokyo Ghoul

Alright I am technically cheating since this anime does have an announced third season on the way. It has been continuously pushed back and now even more so due to the recent announcement that there is also a live action adaptation in the works.

All anime fans know exactly why this anime makes the list. Considering the next season is rumoured to have a brand new protagonist being Touka Kirishima rather than the original Ken Kaneki. After the slightly (understatement) disastrous second season fans were subjected to it is no wonder that the anime is moving the narrative along. The introduction of a new but already loved character as the protagonist could soften the blow to fans but the question will always remain. What happened to Kaneki and the end of last season?

Tokyo Ghoul when it was first released was a massive fan favourite, every aspect of the series was loved by fans everywhere. So when the second season came out so soon after, fans rejoiced, until they watched it. Now the announcement of a third season is as lucrative as any news of Attack on Titan season 2 and that is saying something.


#2 – Fruits Basket

There is no doubt that there are many manga out there that deserve an anime adaptation. When they do finally get that deserved adaptation it is not quite what fans have expected. Most of these adaptations happen too quickly so the manga which usually have not finished their print run are condensed down to a 26 episode anime series. This can mean that major arcs of the manga story have not been developed fully thus leading to rushed botch arcs in the anime.

In my opinion there is one anime that truly deserves another anime to do the manga it was born from justice. The Fruits Basket anime did not even dip its toes into the emotional rollercoaster that that anime as a whole was. Yes we caught a glimpse of the curse aspect of the manga but with it needing to be condensed to a 26 episode and the fact the manga had not finished printing we lost out on a lot of story and character development.

Manga like Black Butler have begun releasing arc by arc anime films and shorts to please fans who love those arcs in the manga. Fruits Basket may not have been fulfilled to as high a standard but we can keep dreaming that someday we get a new adaptation that lives up to the story.


#1 – Ouran High School Host Club

Shocked? Most people would assume I would automatically say that the series I think should have another season is Cowboy Bebop. Realistically that series ended in a way that can only be called perfection and there is no continuing a series like that now. Ouran High School Host Club however is a series so loved by fans that it merits another season.

Ouran High School Host Club is one of those anime that rocked fans. It is a series that was loved by the masses, I really do not think I could find an anime fan that says they do not like this anime. Do not get me wrong people have said it is not their cup of tea but they cannot say it is bad or they do not like it. Each and every character is likeable and relatable in their own way while the story is so simple but effective. There is no bells and whistles on this anime, yes it has all the trimmings of the reverse harem and comedy genres but it is done with such ease you do not see the effort.

The ending of Ouran was perfect but also open ended where you could see even further development for it. There is the argument that the ending was the perfect end yet fans have been yearning for another season. Just to see these personable characters again, to see the mischief they are a part of but most importantly to see where each of their individual relationships wind up.

I only touched the surface of the anime that deserve another season or an anime in general. What anime do you think deserves another shot?