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Event: The Walking Dead Interactive Cinema Club

Event: The Walking Dead Interactive Cinema Club


Alt Events Dublin are hosting a fantastic interactive event at Fringe Lab, Dublin on July 1st at 7pm. The Walking Dead Interactive Cinema Club allows the audience to direct the action through the magic of smart phones and a voting app.

Alt Events Dublin are bringing the experience of a choose your own adventure book, into the 21st century. Be part of this event and “Make yourself comfy, munch on free popcorn, and enjoy the show. Whenever the characters on screen are presented with a choice, the entire audience will vote on how they should proceed. You decide how the story ends!”

For more info and to keep up to date with the event, check out their Facebook event.

Regular Events

They are hoping to make the Interactive Cinema Club a monthly event (when they run out of The Walking Dead episodes they might move onto something like The Wolf Among Us or Tales From The Borderlands), joining their other monthly event – Game Night; a board gaming night on the second Sunday of every month – and that the ultimate goal is to have a whole series of alternative events throughout the year.

Alt Events Dublin are a non-profit group attempting to create a sustainable alternative to drink culture in Dublin by putting on quirky, alternative events like gaming and board games nights, in the hopes of giving people other options for how to spend their evenings.

It sounds like a fun night, where you can meet up with new people and enjoy the fantastic Telltale’s The Walking Dead together. Please note that  this will be Alt’s first time running anything like this, and though the voting app has been tested it’s still very much in beta so please bear with them on the night.

Best of luck with it!