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Preacher S1 Ep 3 ‘The Possibilities’

Preacher S1 Ep 3 ‘The Possibilities’


I’m going to assume this will be a common reocurrence when it comes to Preacher, as last week’s opening scene had me thinking “Are they doing what I think they’re doing?!” and the answer in that case was “So it seems, so enjoy the ride”. And while this week’s scene wasn’t doing that for me at the start (Tulip was meeting with a friend, to whom she gave a map in exchange for an address), that all changed after I heard the word “Grail” and saw Tulip’s friend meeting a bald man wearing a white suit. The endgame is still there, and how we’re getting there is different and that makes everything more interesting.

Also, the show has an opening sequence now. At first I thought it was going to be one of those shows that wouldn’t have one because the title card is slightly different in each episode, but it’s a welcome addition. The music used during the scene is this weird mix of southern blues and religious-like choirs and it sounds great.

Anyway, back into the heart of the matter as I have my first bone to pick with the show. It’s a minor thing so I just hope all my issues with it are similar to this one. I don’t necessarily agree with the title that was chosen for this episode, although I understand why this episode was called ‘The Possibilities’ because we see a lot of different possible paths here.

On the one hand, we have Jesse still trying to come to terms with his powers. He’s a bit shocked after the events of last episode and tests his powers on Cassidy who tells him to imagine what he could do with that power. As if the poor guy didn’t have enough with his crisis of faith and Tulip trying to lead him on a bad path.

And speaking of Tulip, we’re getting some answers on what she’s up to. She exchanges the map for the address of a guy called Carlos and tries to recruit Jesse into taking revenge on him because of how he’d screwed them over. Jesse seems to agree with her about that. We also get a small glimpse of her and Jesse as criminals (which also explains why Tulip goes on about Jesse’s hair whenever they talk) and I’m just hoping we get more of that in the next episodes because I want to know more.

Meanwhile Cassidy ends up striking a bargain with the two weirdos who are stalking Jesse. The lead-up to that is fun because Cass keeps thinking that they’re some kind of clone vampire hunters and he’s confused at seeing them again (considering how he dealt with them in the previous episode, that’s understandable) until they tell him they’re after what’s inside of Jesse so that no one can use its power and that they come from Heaven. After defining Jesse as a ‘wrecking crew’, Cass offers to be their middleman, a development I wasn’t expecting at all.

So yes, this episode has a lot of possibilities that are interesting, but ‘The Consequences’ would’ve been a better title because seeing the fallout of some of the things that happened in the other episodes was the most interesting thing that happened this week.

We get glimpses of what’s going on with the girl who’s in a coma, the paedo who drives the bus (who doesn’t remember the girl but still has that attraction) and what’s going on with Donnie. In fact the consequences of what Jesse did to Donnie are more explored in this episode. Donnie is just the laughing stock of town (with kids calling him the ‘Bunny Man’) and he tries to have another go at Jesse, which becomes a tense scene where Jesse explores again what he can do with his Voice.

Three episodes in and I can say I’m really happy that this show exists. It’s been a while since I found the commitment to watch a show on a week-by-week basis and Preacher is worthy of that commitment. I love this show ’til the end of the world.